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Aug 8, 2012 05:36 PM

Spokane/CDA Top three places you would take an out-of-towner to eat

Spokane/CDA food scene has grown over the years and we have some good choices. I have set up categories and have put my top 3 places that I would take a out-of-towner to eat to showcase some of our the good places.

If you would like to participate pick a category (or all of them / or add your own) and list the top THREE places you would take someone to try to impress them with our cuisine.

NOTE: Let's not yuck other people's yums.


1. Garnet Cafe (CDA)
2. Knight's Diner
3. Cottage Cafe


1. Gordy's
2. Chan Bistro
3. ----------------------


1. Azars
2. Olympia (CDA)
3. -------------------------


1. Rusty Roof
2. Crazy G's
3. Dicks

Higher End Dining

1. Mizuna
2. Sante's
3. Latah Bistro


1. ----------------
2. ----------------
3. Europa (maybe)


1. Taco's el Sol (Food Truck)
2. Tacos Tumbras
3. DeLeon's

Neighborhood Bistro

1. Picabu
2. Hay J's
3. Laguna's


1. Fire Artisan Pizza (CDA)
2. The flying goat
3. Fat Daddy's


1. Wasabi Bistro
2. Sushi I
3. Shushi yama


1. Thai on First
2. Sala Thai
3. Bangkok Thai (the one on Trent by the Spokane river)


1. Pho Tanh (CDA)
2. Pho Van
3. Sisters

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  1. RetiredChef, Thanks for this resource for Spokane dining, I've bookmarked a few places to try when we return for a visit in October. One place I'd like to throw in the mix would be Lindaman's on the South Hill. One can read the Yelp reviews and some critiques are valid but so are some of the pluses. To sit outside on the patio with a view of the Cathedral on a fall day with a carefully planned selection from the counter can be a good Spokane dining experience.
    Maybe this could go in a "Lunch" category?
    Another one for the mix would be the Satelite Diner downtown. Maybe place in the open late greasy spoon category?

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    1. re: Smoothiemeister

      Thanks for your reply. It's sad to see that there isn't much enthusiasm here from Spokane foodies.

      I like the lunch category and to dovetail on your Lindeman's idea - how about a best patio or view category - maybe someone else can fill in those ideas.

    2. EDIT to my above list


      1. Wasabi Bistro
      2. Ding How
      3. Suishiyama

      I removed Sushi I because of the change in their menu (very dumbed down and pedestrian offerings focusing on Krab and cream cheese rolls.


      1. Thai Grill
      2. Thai on First
      3. Sala Thai

      I had never heard of Thai Grill, a very small strip mall joint that blew us out of the water with their food. I have been a total of three times and this is the real deal, they are now on top of my list. NOTE: Bangkok Thai is still very good.


      1. Pho Thanh & Cafe (CDA)
      2. Pho Van
      3. Pho Van A

      I removed sisters from my list because the last 2 meals were thoroughly disappointing. The flavors were off, the noodles over-cooked the pho was weak.