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Aug 8, 2012 05:15 PM

New range cooktop/oven...what do you like about yours?

Hi all. I've recently been catching some Dungeness crab out in Elliott Bay; Yay and yum. Unfortunately, while pulling an especially big one out of the pot on my home stove I dropped it back into the pot making a big splash and shorting out the control panel for my oven. I've never been especially fond of my combo oven/cooktop so now I'm thinking I'll buy new.

I have only room for a 30" (as I don't really want to replace my cabinets and counters). I could do seperate pieces or one unit.

Do you like what you have? Either the brand or specific features?

Any advice is appreciated. Thx.

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  1. The Mod's will move this to a different thread, no doubt, but I'll bite. Especially since I am facing leaving my beloved stove in a couple months when I move.

    I remodeled my kitchen 6 years ago, on a tight budget. I trolled the outlet stores for 'slightly damaged or 'missing the box" (i.e. returned) models. Must have's; gas cooktop with either 5 burners and/or continuous burner on one side (for giant pots, big grill pan, deglazing a roaster, etc. BTU output high enough on 3 burners to really boil water in nothing flat, but with at least one burner that 'low' was truly low enough to keep a sauce warm without simmering it.

    Oven portion that is electric (more consistent heat), convection cooking option at all but lowest heat settings. Self-cleaning function. Warming drawer on the bottom.

    I got ALL that in my awesome Kenmore Elite duel-fuel. This at 1/2 the price - maybe less - of some high brands with less performance. Some of the BEST features I have come to love; sealed gas burners that stand up above the glass-type surface, which makes it easy to clean; I can take off all the cast-iron grates COMPLETELY that support pots around the burners, and have just the glass surface there all nice and accessible to clean, while the cast iron can be rinsed in the sink in it's manageable 3 pieces. Trust me, having an easy to clean gas cooktop is a life-saver! I have heard more horror stories of other's stove tops where sauce gets down in burners, or you have to use special cleaners, or both! I also really love the solid bar burner on the left side; I can use the front of it as a separate regular burner, or turn on 'center and bridge' knob too, and say - make gravy from the drippings in my giant turkey roaster, and easily make a gallon of gravy for 20 hungry Thanksgiving guests with ease. 'Center and bridge' burner is great to get heat all the way under a large stock pot for say, those pesky dungeness crabs, and get it to boil quickly and efficiently (oh, and it would be at the back of the stove, away from the instrument panel so you would have a harder time shorting it out!):)

    The warming drawer has a 'proof' setting, which I use for bread dough and yogurt, and warming plates, while the higher settings are enough to nicely crisp up bread, leftover pizza, etc.

    I want to take this stove with me when I go, I love it SO much! Purchased for only $1,300 (about $1,000 savings) from the sears outlet store in Tacoma. Worth a look into current models that would be similar for sure! Oh, and all this in a "30 inch model. A LOT of stove for the money.

    I am a very active cook, now an avocation, but I have cooked proffesionally, taught at PCC Foodworks, so I knew what I needed in a good stove. I mean, I would someday like a kitchen with room for 6 burners, or maybe an Agga, but for a modest brand, this stove ROCKS!

    1. Love:

      Electric Convection oven is a must have for me. They cook so nice.

      Very high output burner for boiling large amounts of water in a very large pot.


      Smooth cooktops and burners. Pans spin and rock on these. Do you really want to upgrade to expensive super flat pans?

      Smooth cooktops and burners. They are high maintanence and are hard to keep clean.

      Things I like but aren't generally available:

      Induction cooktops (easier to use then true smooth cooktops) if I you have good pans

      Natural gas cooktops

      Temperature probe for the oven

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      1. re: Sid Post

        I too think electric convection for the oven is the way to go. I'd check though to make sure the oven does not need to be vented to the outside. The fans on older ovens are quite noisy and they exhaust hot air into the kitchen. Find out about these issues before making a this purchase.

        I used a glass cooktop for 12 years, and I had some rocking but overall, not all that much. You really need heavy pots for the smooth cooktops, I think. My old glass cooktop worked quite well for me. And I also found mine easy to clean. However, I really do like a gas cooktop. It is my intention to have on in my next house.

        Make sure to get a better than average garbage disposal. Don't settle for the builder's grade. Get a mid level Insinkerator. And consider a Bosch dishwasher. We bought one of these in January, and I hated leaving it in June. It did a wonderful job.

        Good luck with your kitchen.