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Aug 8, 2012 05:07 PM

Uses for a food mill?

I purchased a food mill a few years ago and it has been sorely underused (tomato soup and spaghetti sauce base). For what other purposes is this tool handy? It is seeing too much cabinet time and needs to get out more ;)

Any help appreciated--Thanks!

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  1. gazpacho
    apple sauce
    roasted cauliflower puree
    white bean dip
    mashed potatoes
    carrot soup [or any light summer vegetable soup]

    I know I use it for other things, but they are escaping me right now. Mine has moved out of the overflow closet into a prominent location.

    1. I tend to use it more in the cool months for potatoes or any other root vegetable you would mash and great for applesauce.

      1. Make gallons of fresh tomato juice every year!

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          And if you happen across a copy of "The Kenneth Roberts Reader" in a used book store, there's a fine recipe for old-fashioned tomato ketchup buried amongst the other (mostly good) stuff, using a gallon or two of that juice.

        2. i often forget how useful it is...

          soups - chipotle corn chowder (creates a velvety-ness that i love), vichyssoise
          cooked onion gets milled and added to salmon croquettes
          for light and smooth custard

          1. To take skins off chickpeas when making hummus

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              Excellent idea! I was just reading the hummus recipe in Vefa's Kitchen cookbook and she mentioned using a food mill, but I didn't think about the convenience of it also separating the skins. One step and done. I'm trying this next time I make it.