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Aug 8, 2012 05:01 PM

The power of suggestion

Like many if not most regular posters I have a well supplied kitchen, although I can always find room for the right addition. I noticed a couple of days ago I read the thread on Jacque Pepin's knives and found that the suggestion took, and my petty knife, probably the most neglected knife in my block, was coming out a lot more. When cynsa and trewq were rhapsodizing about caneles on the home cooking board, bingo, I had to make caneles. How much do posts prompt you to pull out a neglected tool or go back to a recipe from the distant past?

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  1. <How much do posts prompt you to pull out a neglected tool >

    Very rare -- in fact, I cannot think of one example.

    1. "pull out a neglected tool" - watch your language! :-D

      1. Sort of.  My knife skills are built upon me mimicking what other do.  When I see something neat like the way pros chop an onion,  Jacques Pepin chop a shallot, etc. , I'll try it next time. I'm currently stuck at a crossroad. I can do fast & sloppy OR slow & precise, but not fast & precise. :-(