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Anyone here use restaurant.com certs? Got any to recommend?

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The only one I have used repeatedly is Henry's Hat.

Any of you 'hounds got good suggestions for the greater LA area? Any of the sushi places NOT suck?

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  1. Heard good things about Kanpai but haven't been personally: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8569...

    Used a Restaurant.com certificate at the Dining Room at the Shagri-la a few times. Pretty good food there.

    1. Timmy Nolan's in Toluca Lake

      Palermo in Los Feliz

      "Home" restaurants in Los Feliz and Silverlake

      Z Pizza in Larchmont

        1. It looks like one of my fave places is no longer participating - That'd be Alondra Hot Wings. I must have hit that place at least 10 time with a $25 GC - great deal.

          Original KaBobs in Glendale is good, but they only have $10 GC's

          1. My neighborhood sushi bar, Hirosuke, just stopped taking their certificates. So did Sattdown in Studio City, so I wonder if they raised their fees or made some other changes.

            I recently used one at Marino on Melrose to take my niece to dinner. I had not been to Marino in a few years and thought it would be nice to try it again. I had a $50 certificate that I had bought with a discount code and got for about $5. We had to spend $100. My niece had a clam appetizer and veal scallopini entree. I had pasta with oxtail ragu and branzino baked in salt. Everything was fantastic. I intended to just have a little of the oxtail, but it was so good that I ate all of it, and the branzino is always fantastic there. We both had a glass of wine and cappucino, and we shared a dessert. After the certificate, with tax and 20% tip on the full check, the total was $108.

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              I was at Pann's on Friday (5/31/13) and they have a sign in their window saying they would only be accepting restaurant.com certificates purchased before May 15th. They said to contact restaurant.com to receive "replacements," which I took to mean they ended their associations with the website.

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                Yeah, it seems like there's something fishy going on.

                I also noticed that Pann's was not accepting those certificates/coupons anymore.

            2. Someone once told me that restaurant.com certificates or coupons are not legitimate and some restaurants refuse accepting them (i remember back in the day that soleil in westwood would not accept them).