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Aug 8, 2012 04:56 PM

Anyone here use certs? Got any to recommend?

The only one I have used repeatedly is Henry's Hat.

Any of you 'hounds got good suggestions for the greater LA area? Any of the sushi places NOT suck?

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  1. Heard good things about Kanpai but haven't been personally:

    Used a certificate at the Dining Room at the Shagri-la a few times. Pretty good food there.

    1. Timmy Nolan's in Toluca Lake

      Palermo in Los Feliz

      "Home" restaurants in Los Feliz and Silverlake

      Z Pizza in Larchmont

        1. It looks like one of my fave places is no longer participating - That'd be Alondra Hot Wings. I must have hit that place at least 10 time with a $25 GC - great deal.

          Original KaBobs in Glendale is good, but they only have $10 GC's

          1. My neighborhood sushi bar, Hirosuke, just stopped taking their certificates. So did Sattdown in Studio City, so I wonder if they raised their fees or made some other changes.

            I recently used one at Marino on Melrose to take my niece to dinner. I had not been to Marino in a few years and thought it would be nice to try it again. I had a $50 certificate that I had bought with a discount code and got for about $5. We had to spend $100. My niece had a clam appetizer and veal scallopini entree. I had pasta with oxtail ragu and branzino baked in salt. Everything was fantastic. I intended to just have a little of the oxtail, but it was so good that I ate all of it, and the branzino is always fantastic there. We both had a glass of wine and cappucino, and we shared a dessert. After the certificate, with tax and 20% tip on the full check, the total was $108.

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              I was at Pann's on Friday (5/31/13) and they have a sign in their window saying they would only be accepting certificates purchased before May 15th. They said to contact to receive "replacements," which I took to mean they ended their associations with the website.

              1. re: Feed_me

                Yeah, it seems like there's something fishy going on.

                I also noticed that Pann's was not accepting those certificates/coupons anymore.