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Aug 8, 2012 04:43 PM

West Village NYC

Any reccs for good food (dinner) in NYC West Village? Looking for something a little different, nice, but still casual, not too expensive.

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  1. Murray's Cheese Bar! Just opened a couple weeks ago but fits the bill (and also hasn't been completely mobbed yet.)

    1. Kin Shop? I have also heard good things about Murray's Cheese Bar but haven't had a chance to go myself.

      1. Pearl Oyster Bar, Malatesta, Bar Pitti, Aki,Cowgirl, Tortilla Flats,Saigon Market, Tortaria, Soy and Sake, Otto

        1. Rosemary's. Recently opened. Makes great use of fresh herbs from rooftop garden. Downside is that it is noisy and doesn't take reservations.

          1. Perla, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Fatty Crab, Fatty Cue, Buvette, ino, Little Owl