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Aug 8, 2012 04:15 PM

Lunch around Syracuse?

Hi all ,

We are driving from NJ back to Canada and looking for a lunch spot halfway (approx around Syracuse).

Is Heids of Liverpool a good choice? Others?

It will be on a Sunday.


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    1. re: Yellowshirt

      How are chow hounders liking Limp Lizard over dinosaur Bbq? We have been to d bbq in rochester downtown and had a great meal

      1. I like Danzer's for lunch.

        Good German food. 2 minutes off of Rt 81, about 2 miles south of the Thruway.


        1. Eva's European is very good and close to the Thruway.

          1305 Milton Ave
          Syracuse, NY 13204

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          1. re: fisher

            I had a great meal at Eva's European the other day. It was dinner, but it would have been great for lunch, too. We had wonderful stuffed cabbage rolls, potato pancakes and pierogies. We started with the warm green beans which were so good! And we had a side of the red cabbage. It seemed that most of the menu was family style and came in different sizes, so it wouldn't be hard to order the right amount for a lunch. It's a real family place. The owner's daughter and baby grandson were there and there's a children's play area at the front. Lots of neat dolls and tchotchkes everywhere. Oh, and be sure to get some dessert. The caramel fudge torte was amazing, but everything looked good!

          2. I believe Eva's is closed on Sundays.
            Strong Hearts Cafe (vegetarian) has great soups and decent sandwiches.
            Alto Cinco on Westcott St. has great Mexican.

            1. Heid's is known for their frankfurter and bratwurst.