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Aug 8, 2012 04:01 PM

Is Blue Hill at Stone Barns worth the aggrevation of making a reservation?

I've been trying to get a reservation at Blue Hill at Stone Barns on a Saturday night for a while now. I call 2 months prior to the date I want and they never have an opening. I was also informed that if I was successful in getting my date I'd have to give them a credit card # as a guarantee.
Is this place worth pursuing?

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  1. I'm sure you'll get other opinions, but mine is "no".

    It's very good, and it's a nice enough place.
    But it's just not GREAT.
    It's kind of so purist in its approach as to be a bit boring.

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      1. re: wincountrygirl

        Me too...and ridiculously expensive! I do think it's worth it though, to tour the grounds and have a cocktail at the bar.

    1. We ate there about 6 or 7 years ago, and although we enjoyed out meal, we have never particularly wanted to return. The thing about BHSB is that it's almost more about the ingredients than it is about the food, if that makes sense. Each ingredient is treated with so much respect, that it's as if they want to do as little to it as possible. Someplace like Per Se, for example, is all about transforming the ingredients. I'm happy we went, but there are other great restaurants I would return to before BHSB.

      1. I also agree with naysayers. When we went we thought it was pretty much a one-note experience. We went during ramp season and just about everything just tasted from the ramps. There was no symphony of flavors. Additionally, my DW did the wine pairing, and felt that many of the pairings just didn't work.

        1. i've been to a variety of really good restaurants. i also enjoy eating at a lot of restaurants that aren't very expensive.

          when i go to a place that expensive, i want most of my meal to taste really good. it's ok to have something that might not be great (ie. wd50 usually will have 1 plate in their tasting menus that doesn't hit the mark with me), but the good stuff should be amazing.

          my wife and i weren't floored by most of the dishes in the meal, and thought it was way overpriced for what we ate. if it was half the price, it would have been a cute place that we probably still wouldn't go back to, but think it was an interesting experience.

          having said that - i understand why some people really like it, but it didn't hit the mark with us.

          (edit: just found part of a post i made after going)
          they'll give you a huge list of ingredients that might be in tonight's meal. you let them know if you have any allergies or extreme dislikes, and they'll go from there. you'll either get a 5 'course' or 8 'course' tasting menu; both contain same amount of food. the 5 course one a month ago was more adventurous, with bone marrow, and some type of face bacon as a couple of the courses.

          we left full, but...i think it's way too hyped for the price point. and i love momofuku(s), which have received hype out the wazoo...and have no problems paying that amount for something which is worth it (i'll be doing that this weekend). i just didn't think it matched up.

          i keep meaning to put up a post of our recent time there, but just haven't had the desire. it's much easier to post something when you're enthusiastic.

          1. Thanks for all your input. We went there 2x when it first opened and wasn't that impressed. Was hoping it had become more interesting, but I guess not. You all saved us!

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            1. re: Mirabelle

              Wow, surprised at the lack of love for BHSB. It's been two years since I ate there, but I remember it as an excellent meal all around.

              1. re: ml77

                Put me down as a non believer at least until my last meal there a month or so ago. All the affectation had gone (well not quite all, there was still a platter with skewered vegetables) but the food is truly amazing, and far more creative than a riff on decent ingredients. Now the quality is used imaginatively and the purity of flavor is enhanced by some seriously creative cooking and I had one of the best meals of the year.

                The alternative to trying to book a table is sit in the bar area and snack.

                1. re: Musigny 151

                  That's interesting to hear. I had the same opinion as the other non believers here but didn't want to comment as I had not been there recently.