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Cheap delivery/catering for crowd

Hey everyone
I need some help with ideas for catering to a group of about 30 people on a film set in North York, but we need to do it for as cheap as possible. Any ideas on places that will deliver (no pizza) to north TO that would be really cheap( I wasn't given an exact budget, just instructions to keep it as low as possible). Thanks in advance!


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  1. I've had good luck with a company called Corporate Cravings. You can get a sandwich platter starting at 7.60 per per and you can add a salad or cookie option for a few dollars more per person. Good quality for the price point IMO.

    1. Location Catering and Craft Services

      Blazing Kitchen (a division of Rancho Relaxo)
      1 Wiltshire Avenue, Toronto, ON, Unit #113, M6N 2V7
      Phone: 647-350-7066
      Fax: 647-350-7065
      E-mail: blazingkitchen@rogers.com

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        awesome. thanks so much. Any info on pricing?

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          they are willing to work with most budgets. i have a friend who used them on 2 shoots, 1 big budget and 1 small budget and they were able to facilitate all needs. that being said...$10 is very frugel though...

      2. Welcome to the entertainment industry. Just remember those instructions. "We have no specific budget figure, but could you get the price lower than that?" uh-YEAH.

        What neighbourhood, oh hungry one?

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          All I have been told at this point is North York. I can try to get more specific if needed, let me know.
          Okay, so now, after I asked for more clarification, I have been told $10/head- which pretty much rules out all traditional catering places.

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            I know Big Bone BBQ can do $10/head catering. Less healthy than Middle Eastern cuisine, but on budget and delicious.

            You might try Noble Culinary as well. They're likely to have inexpensive, crowd-pleasing choices.

        2. Encore Catering catered a portion of my wedding and I've used them since on multiple occasions. They do wonderful stuff at reasonable rates.


          1. I would talk to a Middle Eastern restaurant. Big containers of rice, salad, hummus, tabule, pita, and meat kebabs for the carnivores and veggie kebabs for the vegetarians. It will be cheaper than going with a caterer.

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              I suggest Aladdin's Palace on Victoria Park or Al Tanoor on Lawrence East for middle estern food.

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                this was my first instinct too. Middle Eastern is always a good cheap option that feeds masses.

            2. You might want to consider Congee Queen. I saw prices for large trays of food on their online menu. Not sure about delivery, but it might work budget-wise.

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                Be careful. In summer weather you need to think about food safety for the health of your crew if, like on most location shoots, meals are very casual and served over an extended period.

                Delivery is going to add substantially to your cost, up to a third of your budget if done safely. A caterer has the safe temperature-controlled delivery, holding and serving equipment.

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                  I have used Congee Queen for a large group (35 people) about a year ago and it was very good. IIRC I ordered the shanghai noodles, a shrimp dish, a fried rice, a chicken dish and mixed veggie. They provided all the disposable plates and cutlery and it was very affordable.

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                    Good to know. Thanks! I may consider using them for my son's birthday party.

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                      all great suggestions! Thanks so much!