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Aug 8, 2012 03:33 PM

Happy hour in the West Village.... with mom?

Mom is visiting and has requested that we have early apps and cocktails in the West Village before we head home to Bklyn for dinner. Fun, people watching place would good. Thanks for any help.

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    1. You could definitely do a lot worse than Fedora, as e^4 suggests. My current favorite place is Yerba Buena on Greenwich and Perry. Specialty cocktails are $7 during happy hour and they'll make a custom cocktail if you tell them what you like. In particular they make great cocktails with fresh fruit which are great for the summer and aren't over the top with alcohol. I consider that pretty mom-friendly. Get there early and it's not overcrowded and the bar apps are delicious to boot, including some low-priced bar-only specials.

      1. About a month ago I took my parents to Cafe Cluny -- it's kinda the perfect parent place (mine refuse to go to any place where you have to wait).

        It has a bar with pretty good cocktails and several large windows. My parents faced them during dinner and had a good time people watching.

        The 14th St 1/2/3 stop is also very close.