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Aug 8, 2012 03:26 PM

Please Critic my Culinary Itinerary

Hi All!

My husband and I are headed back to New Orleans August 30th-September 4th. Each time we visit, I try to add a least one or two new places to our old favorites. The following is my ambitious itinerary (knowing full well if we're having fun somewhere, dinner might just turn out to be the Clover Grill at midnight.) You're thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciates.

**We are rarely up in time for breakfast, hence no breakfast places. If for some strange reason we are up, I'm usually in need of a spicy bloody mary.


Lunch at Galatorie's - I hear lunch on Friday is a riot. We've never been, and hoping to make it this trip.

Dinner - If I get the husband to lunch at Galatories, dinner will most likely be where ever we end up, maybe Coops, Green Goddess, Mr. B's or Katie's. Only place we haven't tried is Katie's, but I recently saw it on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and the cochon de lait sounded great.


Lunch - Where ever, maybe Yo Mama's, Johnny's or Mother's. Haven't tried Mother's yet, but I've heard great things. Any recommendations on what to order at Mother's?

Dinner - K-Paul's. We love this place! Mostly for the food, but there is a darling bartender that we look forward to visiting every trip.


Lunch - Where ever, maybe brunch at Green Goddess. We sat outside and drank champagne here once and had a great time, but I think the forecast is for rain, so maybe one of our old standbys, Coop's or Yo Mama's.

Dinner - R'evolution, GW Fin's or Coquette. We haven't tried any of these yet. R'evolution is new I think, and I've only read great reviews on chowhound so far.


Lunch - Maybe Commander's Palace. Never been and definitively want to try, one of these days.

Dinner - Dinner - where ever we end up. We are staying in the Quarter so maybe GW Fin's or Sylvain (LOVE champagne and french fries!



Lunch - Mr. B's, kind of a tradition now on our last day. We sit a the bar and have BBQ Shrimp and plan our next trip back.

Of course, all can be mixed, matched or nixed. Thanks so much for any feedback. This board has been a wealth of knowledge for me in planning culinary adventures in my favorite city.


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  1. Oops, I meant critique! (So embarrassed right now).

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      The lunches we've had at Galatoire's on Fridays have lasted until 3 or 4 PM so you might want to take that into consideration. It is fun though. It's enough of a good time that I've pulled my phone out and figured out how to video some tables singing loudly and other fun things going on. Get there early and plan to wait. You won't be disappointed if you're looking for a lot of fun with your food.

      1. re: texasredtop

        Sounds perfect! I think I've got the husband sold on it.

    2. Based on our recent visit to New Orleans, it is hard for me imagine anyone not loving lunch at CP (which can be amazingly inexpensive), and dinners at R'evolution and GW Fins.

      Book an early lunch at CP, ask for a window table in the Garden Room, and enjoy the people watching as the room fills with regulars and power lunch business people.

      GW Fins has excellent local and non-local fish preps, and a relaxed atmosphere. We had a high booth that looked out and slightly down at the tables and that was a great space.

      R'evolution is almost impossible to adequately describe. Don't miss the "Death By Gumbo" and based on our experience it is hard to go wrong. After several days of Creole seafood, we tried their steaks, and they were amazing. If you do it up, you'll be getting a substantial check, but you'll never forget the space and the is a good investment of your dining dollars.

      You have some hard (but pleasant) choices to make. Enjoy! (we sure did).

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      1. re: Gizmo56

        Great recs. We always reserve a window table at Fins.

      2. Mother's is a homey place where you stand in line with locals to order and pay before finding a seat. We were there for breakfast and I had the debris. I recall the staff was ultra friendly and the food just average home style fare. I think it's the history that give it it's panache. We recently had dinner at Commander's Palace and enjoyed the setting and food, very pricey. We have never been able to get to K-Paul's so glad to hear it is still good and we will try again next time. When we were there last, we stopped into Brennan's for Sunday brunch right when they opened, and though you say you won't be eating breakfast, it is open late into the day for breakfast each day too. Brunch is 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. They have spicy bloody marys, brandy milk punch and everything in between! Yay! This is not your typical breakfast. They bring a wine list and the meal is at least 3 courses. It is quite the experience. Ask for the honeymoon table which is tucked away by itself with a garden view (picture). I had fried catfish under eggs Benedict which I tucked into before I thought to take a picture (below). We also tried John Besh's Luke in the Quarter and were disappointed in what we ordered but enjoyed watching the amazingly small kitchen turn out the food from a windowed room, like chefs under glass. We took the trolley down St. Charles and had dinner at Delmonico's, which was very good also. We stopped into the Mr. B's bar just for a quick drink because we also like the atmosphere there. Enjoy your trip and let us know where you ended up!

        1. Mother's is highly overrated, IMHO. I think it's primarily something remembered fondly from childhood and is basically just old. The Poboys are ok. Average. Nothing all that good. I'd much prefer one from Johnnie's.

          Yo Mama's isn't really my cup of tea either. The burgers are big, but nothing special; they rely on their odd toppings to make up for frozen, pre-formed patties.

          GW Finn's is nice and can have a good view of the city, but I've heard great things about Revolution.

          Commander's Palace is nice. I have actually never been for lunch but it sounds like a solid choice,

          Be aware that the time you are visiting is during Southern Decadence. If you are not familiar with it, look it up. You'll really want to know about it before going out. I hope you are not conservative.

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          1. re: Paranatural

            Thanks for the feedback. I agree, Yo Mama's is nothing special, just convinient; we really like Boondock Saint's next door. I do like Johnnie's po'boys, maybe lunch will be made up of that, Katie's, Galatorie's, CP, and Coop's. Hate to waste a meal when there are so many great choices.

            :) I did realize, after booking the trip, it was Southern Decadence. Fortunately, we are not socially conservative.