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Aug 8, 2012 01:53 PM

Eating in Barcelona during La Merce

We'll be in Barcelona Sept 20-25, with La Merce happening during pretty much the whole trip. I'm worried that Monday night September 24 - the actual festival day - it will be difficult to find good restaurants open for dinner. Does anyone have suggestions for a solid dinner option that might be open on a festival day?

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  1. I'll be there as well, but will probably be playing it by ear since dinner time = piromusical time. We'll probably just grab some tapas on our way to Pla├ža D'Espanya. Since it's a holiday perhaps you should look for restaurants that are open on Sundays and Mondays and go from there. I reckon it'll be pretty slim pickings so I'm not expecting to have anything great on that night.

    1. Gelonch is open Monday night. I happen to know because I have a reservation there that night.

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        Perfect, thanks, I'll definitely try for Gelonch.