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Aug 8, 2012 01:51 PM

Random question- where can I find a good prepared Pasta Salad?

Have a pot luck cook out to go to Saturday and I will not have enough time to make pasta salad for 40. Any suggestions for a deli/market that I can order pasta salad? I live in West Roxbury but am willing to drive somewhat for it. The crowd I am serving is very basic.

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  1. Maybe not great but Roche Bros in West Roxbury.

    1. I generally really dislike Whole Food prepared foods, but their macaroni salad is strangely delicious. It needs more salt, of course, and sometimes I add some smoked mozzarella and/or fresh herbs just to liven it up. The price of this salad however, might preclude purchasing enough for 40 people.

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        I agree with the WF macaroni salad. I am not a fan of their prepared foods in general, but the mac salad is tasty and worth eating.

        The Fresh pond WF usually has it in larger tubs during barbecue season for much less than the usual rip-off prices. The Framingham store doesn't seem to have the larger quantity deal, so call first if you decide to go with it.

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          Yes, I agree with the above posters. Usually not a fan of WF prepared foods, but the macaroni salad is very good (much better than their cole slaw and potato salad).

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            I love the Mac salad at WF. My favorite guilty pleasure there is a few chicken tenders from the hot bar and a nice pile of creamy cold Mac.

      2. I usually hate prepared salads, but someone brought a bow tie pasta salad from Stop and Shop for a potluck and it was really..really good.

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          I've been pleasantly surprised with the Stop and Shop for prepared summer salads. I would try the Dedham one. I would also recommend picking up a few pounds of pickled or marinated stuff from their olive bar and chopping it coarsley and using it to doctor the store bought salad.

        2. Wegman's, if you're willing to make the drive. They have a variety, and they're all delicious. I am fond of the greek one and the tomato/mozz.

          1. Russo's usually has one or two in the case. Would be worth a phone call.