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Delivery Options in SF

My wife is 8 months pregnant and I am anticipating an increase in the volume of delivered meals eaten in our household in the not too distant future. We don't really get delivery too often (usually if we're going to pay for food, we go out), so all I have for delivery options are the standard pizza/chinese places. I'm wondering if Hounds have suggestions for some good eateries that deliver. Bonus points for options that are different than the standard delivery fare. Also, we live in Pacific Heights. Thanks for the ideas!

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  1. Lers Ros Thai and Mission Chinese both deliver citywide although MCF charges a small amount depending on how far you are from the mission.

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      Ler Ros deliver! Thanks, you have given me the best news all day.

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          The few times I've called Lers Ros (and begged) they do not deliver all the way to the North Beach. Not too sure about Pac Heights,

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            i'm in the Mission, so maybe the Hayes Valley location would deliver...

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              Hi, maria. Did you ever try to get Lers Ros to deliver? We're going to be at our kids in a couple of weeks and they live in the Mission (16th and Mission). We got MCF last time which we LOVED but LR would be great. With the not-quite-one-year-old baby, it's easier to cook or order in.

    2. Check out GrubHub.com or Seamless.com, both are websites that allow you to order food for delivery from dozens of restaurants in the city. They'll give you info on menu items, delivery radius or fees, reviews, etc. I use them at least a couple times a week for getting food delivered on a busy work day.

      1. Goat Hill Pizza is fantastic and they deliver to Pacific Heights. I get the portuguese pizza the best and their house salad is simple yet tasty.

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          Fantastic? Really?

          Here's one bloggers list of 8 best:
          Pizzaiolo's Wild Nettle and Pecorino Pie
          Delfina's Magic Pie
          Liguira Bakery's Pizza Focaccia
          Una Pizza Napoletana's Filetti
          Pizzeria Picco's Margherita
          Tony's Pizza Napoletana's Margherita with Sausage
          Flour + Water's Bone Marrow Pizza
          Emilia's Sausage with Onion
          The honorable mention list is A16, Chez Pannisse, Little Star, Tomasso's.

          What is it about the portuguese pizza that belongs on this list?

          I think they're OK for an 80's thick crust American pizza - the only thing anyone ever likes is the all you can eat Monday, otherwise they're really pricey for what you get. I like the fact that their back room overlooks the anchor steam brewery, I think they're the only place that serves steam and you can see the steam. Interesting question, that.

          For delivery, I get Pizza My Heart. For $24 all in with tip I get pizza for two. It's edible if you get one of the special pizzas and order THIN CRUST on the order form. Not fantastic, but edible. The thick crust is bready and inedible. Amici's is OK for delivery, but the minimum for the order is $25, so you can't just order a pizza - they price out of that market. At work we actually get Costco, since it's two blocks away - it's an honest pie at a great price. During the summer, I'm frankly more likely to simply boil some pasta, toss cherry tomatoes from the plant and some olive oil on the top. Just as fast as delivery pizza, 10x better than the best.

          Since Vesta in RWC I'm getting super-snobby about my pizza. That's good pizza, and might be in the range of that list above.

        2. I was surprised at how few delivery options there were in San Francisco and how many of them weren't good and just subsisted solely on their ability to deliver, rather than on food quality. Must be the hills. When I lived in Noe Valley, the only place I regularly got delivery from was Alhamra (Indian) http://www.alhamrarestaurant.net/menu.... No idea if they deliver to Pac Heights--checking seamless is a good idea--you may even find places you had no idea delivered.

          1. thanks to everyone for the ideas, will definitely try these out!

            1. To OP, did you wind up ordering and, if so, what if I may ask?

              1. TCB Courier.

                They will deliver anything within the city all day long. Just make sure whatever you are in the mood for can be safely transported by bike.

                Seriously though, I have used them many times while I am at work at cant leave but need some food. Check they website too, as it lists what restaurants in the city they do free delivery for. If its not one of them, they charge a small fee. So worth it though.