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Aug 8, 2012 01:24 PM

Layover at CLT with car


We have a 6.5 hour layover in Charlotte on Sunday from approximately 2:00-8:20pm.

I am looking at renting a car for $35 or whatever, and would like suggestions as to places we could go for an early dinner around 5 that would be good, but not super expensive.

I've never been to CLT, but if there is somewhere in a cool area, even better.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The 3 primary areas I'd recommend are Plaza Midwood, NoDa and Uptown (our downtown area). One advantage to Uptown is the fact that there is a convenient, fairly easy to use bus that runs from the airport to Uptown, which would save you from having to rent a car. It runs very 30 minutes on Sunday from 6 am until 1 am.

    If you do a search, you'll find lots of suggestions for all 3 neighborhoods, some off the top of my head include:

    Uptown: Halcyon, 5Church, Dandelion Market, The Kings Kitchen, Malabar, Harvest Moon Grille
    Plaza Midwood: Lulu, Soul Gastrolounge, Dish, Krazy Fish, Bistro La Bon
    NoDa: Growlers Pourhouse, Cabo Fish Taco, a crepe place whose name I can't recall

    Some of these may be closed on Sunday, I didn't check to see.

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