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Aug 8, 2012 12:38 PM

Winery restaurants on the Ct. wine trail.

A few years ago we visited wineries along the Ct. wine trail. One of the wineries had a restaurant that provided lunch and or dinner. Does anyone recall such a winery?

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    1. We have eaten at Sharpe Hill vineyards in Pomfret several times. The restaurant is excellent and reservations are required.

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      1. re: jcanino

        Thanks for the Sharpe Hill replies but that is not an area we would have gone towards. The winery I'm trying to recall is more western Ct near the NY border between New Milford & Kent. It may have even been across the border & in NY.
        Again, thanks for both replies.

        1. re: makko

          Heritage Trail has a restaurant but not in the area that you describe.
          Here is the CT Wine trail map, maybe that will help

          1. re: Tinkerbelldee

            Thanks, but none in western Ct. have restaurants. It is looking more likely that I was in NY around the Dutchess/Hudson Valley area.
            I will probably do a similar post on the NY board.

      2. It had to be Hopkins Vineyard in Warren, CT, right? There is a restaurant across the street that I don't think is technically part of the winery, but it is close enough that it looks like it is. The restaurant is part ofthe Hopkins Inn I believe.