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Aug 8, 2012 08:48 AM

Has anyone tried the Bogle "Essential Red"?

I have long thought Bogle offers some the of the best value red wines (which sell in the $9-$12 range) in California. They also make a premium blended red called "the Phantom," which sells in the $15-$17. This morning I noticed they sell a blended red (called "Essential Red") that sells around $10.

Has anyone tried this wine? Is it appreciably different than their Zin or Petite Sirah?

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  1. Just try it as it is $10.

    1. Yes. I have had this and think it is worth trying for the price. We enjoyed it with some grilled meat and think it is a good blend for just that.

      I didn't exactly get real serious when tasting this or take notes, but from what I remember it did taste pretty Zin heavy, very fruity, with a pleasant note of oak coming through.

      I know I have had the Phantom before and if my memory serves me correctly I would say that was more dry and intense...where as this is sort of a fun wine for the patio with enough fruity sweetness to drink when it is warm out.

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