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Aug 8, 2012 08:42 AM

Panama Beach area

My husband and I will be staying on the west side of Panama Beach next month with our three year old daughter. Any recommendations for great places to eat? We love seafood and chef-owned places but they would need to be kid friendly. We eat out with our daughter a lot and she does pretty well in restaurants. I guess most of all we are looking for great seafood. Thanks!

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  1. Any recommendations will do though.

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      Capt. Anderson's is the decades-old family owned place, but be prepared for a wait, particularly on a weekend. Try going early (4 PM) or so. You should enjoy it.

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        Thanks! We will check Capt. Anderson's out for sure. My research has also brought up Boatyard as a possibility. Any opinion on that restaurant? Thanks again!

    2. I would also recommend Captain Anderson's. Their grilled fish is very good to me. I think the whole snapper will be out of season and unavailable but it is one of my all time favorites. You should be able to get a really nice piece of genuine Gulf Grouper. Lots of the places on the beach will sell you some farm raised in Asia fish as grouper.

      If you should pull up in front of Capt. Anderson's and see 75-100 people standing out front, don't be too dismayed, they are remarkably efficient and moving people in and out. We have never had to wait more than an hour and that was at the very peak of season and peak hour. You can kill time walking up the docks and looking at boats and fish.

      We have eaten at the Boatyard a couple of times and thought it was ok. With a young child you might want to go quite early, every time we have been they have had a band it and gets more club like as the evening progresses.

      We like Hunt's and the Captain's Table, across the bridge in Panama City proper. Both are old school dive kind of places.

      Let me think on it and I'll come up with some more. When you say you are staying on the west end; about how far from the Hathaway bridge and how much time are you willing to spend driving to dinner? Traffic shouldn't be too bad in September.

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        We will be staying near Conservation Park but on the beach (I don't know where the bridge is). Driving is really not an issue for us. Thank you so much for your help! I have also read about the Captain's Table and thought it sounded great.

      2. Try Dee's Hangout, right on front beach. New Orleansish/Southern style seafood.

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          Thanks! We love New Orleans style seafood.

        2. Staying that far west you might consider going up 79 to West Bay and eating at Boondocks. If you want some donuts for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch there is Thomas' Donuts.

          Dusty's Oyster Bar is a possibility, should have as good or better than any oysters in town. Service is VERY hit or miss. I think it gets kind of rowdy after dark.

          Also, being that far west you could consider some of the more high zoot places out 30-A in the made up towns.

          If you don't mind eating fish off the bone and want something different; you can usually get fried Grouper throats at the Captains Table.

          That's all I can think of at the moment.

          Please give us a report back when you return.

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            Thank you so much for your help! I will give a report when we return. Thanks to all these great recommendations I have no doubt we will be eating well while we are there.

          2. 30a has some great places. We tend to go for late lunch more than dinner especially if we have kiddos with us. The Red Bar is fun but can be loud if crowded. September is great because this is less likely to be the case. I love the smoked tuna salad there but all the food is good. Stinky's is also on our list of places we have to go to. We had shrimp and cheesy grits that were delicious as is the grouper sandwich with smoked tomato tarter sauce. Lunch runs $8-15 and dinner more-no sandwiches or big salads. We also like George's in Alys Beach. 30 A is a nice drive and a mix of old and new. Be sure to see Seaside where they filmed the Truman show. Checkout the Modica Market.

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              If Red Bar is crowded/loud - head to Louis Louis on 98- same family and food and similar atmosphere. No credit cards.

              Marie's on 30A in Blue Mountain Beach is also yummy.