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Aug 8, 2012 08:20 AM

Please rate my dining itinerary -- 1st time in Paris

My husband and I will be in Paris for a week at the end of August, beginning of September. Based on many reviews on this board, we put together a very long list of possible restaurants, and have narrowed it down to the following restaurants. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on our eating itinerary, either overall, or about specific choices. We like all kinds of foods, but are mostly concentrating on new style bistros, and traditional French restaurants. Our budget reflects our choices below, with one more expensive choice, for my husband’s 30th birthday. Where noted confirmed, we have already secured a reservation. On days where I have not noted a lunch meal, we plan to play it by ear.

MON: Dinner at Astier (confirmed)

TUE: Lunch at Breizh Café
Dinner at Le Violon d'Ingres (confirmed)

WED: Dinner at Le Reminet (confirmed)

THURS: Versailles day trip
Dinner – L'Ami Jean (confirmed)

FRI: Lunch at La Creperie de Josselin
Dinner at Bistro Poulbot (confirmed)

SAT: Dinner at Le Chateaubriand

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks!

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  1. Astier has seen way better days. I'd definitely choose something else. If you're willing to travel a bit on the metro I'd go for La Regalade, 49 av. Jean-Moulin, 14e Métro: Alésia (Street runs directly off metro exit) 01-45-45-68-58 Fixed-price menu 33€ . In my opinion, one of the best restos in Paris and well worth seeking out. If you want to stay more central, there are still many other choices much better that Astier, even on a Monday.

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    1. re: plafield

      Plafield, thanks for your response about Astier! Although La Regalade looks interesting, we'd prefer to stay more central, especially since we'll be just arriving in Paris that morning. I saw Paris by Mouth had restaurants open by date -- -- so I'll try to pick a better option for Monday. Thanks!

      1. re: jenna131

        I see that Tintilou is open Monday, August 26. I would choose it in a heartbeat over Astier. It has easy bus or metro access off Faubourg St. Antoine.

        (But then I have a chip on my shoulder because years ago Astier refused to take my order (pig's foot), telling me that it was "Pas pour vous, madame." Little did the waiter know that I'd been gnawing pickled pig's feet with my father since age 3.)

        1. re: mangeur

          Ha. I'd be upset about the pig's feet, too! I'll look into Tintilou. Any others stand out to you on that list?

        2. re: jenna131

          i've never had a disastrous experience (at least in the last 2 years) at Astier but wouldn't recommend it for a travel-weary first-night meal not because of the quality uncertainties but because of the quantity certainties... big appetites required

          In the same area, the Bar au Passage on the passage Saint-Sébastien just off the boulevard Filles du Calvaire might be worth considering for a lighter meal ... it's best known for its great-value formule du marché at lunch but dinner is perfectly fine, casual, and a vibe perfect for 20- and 30-somethings. If it's open, that is.

          And Mangeur's Tintilou is indeed fab. More expensive than Au Passage but easily bookable through I'm guessing you're staying somewhere close to Astier and if so just a quick and direct métro ride from République or a direct bus down the boulevard Voltaire to Nation-Voltaire.

          1. re: Parnassien

            Thanks again for your insight; gotchya about Astier. Au Passage sounds like it may work; another one to look into!

            1. re: Parnassien

              Would Le Christine be a good option for a Monday night? I found them on I couldn't find Bar Au Passage, though.

              1. re: jenna131

                If Dans Les Landes is reopened on the Monday in question, I would highly recommend. Very good food, and very difrerent stuff from the eateries of your list.

                1. re: Parigi

                  A tapas bar could add good variety. I'll have to call them to see if they'll be open. Thanks!

          2. re: plafield

            plafield, we too are making our Paris plans, and re. La Regalade -- if you could only go to one traditional style bistro, would you choose La Regalade or Josephine Chez Dumonet ? merci, and grateful as always to the generous and informative sources on this forum.

            1. re: moto

              l had friends come in for 4 days and both were on the list. Think more crowded and frenetic-Regalade, more space and peace CJD, if that helps.
              l also would not take a free meal at Astier

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                yes that helps, and thank you Dcm. life is short and this might be our only visit to Paris, so somewhere one has to edit the wishes. from reading dozens of reviews, it seems that Chez D. disappoints occasionally, and the later generation bistro Regalade might be a bit more consistent. can't really get a clear picture of the wine situation (other than the outstanding botrysized wine selection) at J.C.D. either, except that a bottle of nice red is likely going to go for >50 euros, which will force me to again edit the wishes or get very lucky with their 'budget' selection.

          3. Re Thurs... Versailles is exhausting... a meal at l'Ami Jean is exhausting... I'd move the Versailles day trip to another day and, since Versailles is such a lovely town, consider more than exploring just the château and gardens... the market in the Carrés Notre-Dame (which includes the covered Halles open Tue to Sun and the open-air Marché Notre Dame on Tue, Fri and Sun mornings) is one of the best in the Paris region

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            1. re: Parnassien

              Parnassien, that's a good point! We'll consider moving Versailles to a different day. Thanks!