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Aug 8, 2012 07:51 AM

Recommendation needed - Casual, along I-75, north of downtown but south of 575

Can anyone suggest a delicious casual place that is easy to access from I-75 NB? Could be burgers, or southern food, or BBQ, etc. Just trying to avoid a chain, but need to have several cars meet up to eat along I-75 after getting through downtown but before hitting 575 on the way to raft the Ocoee. I'm very familiar with great restaurants downtown, but not so much north of there.

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  1. What time of day? Heirloom Market BBQ on Akers Mill is easy to get to from 75, but it's a tiny place with limited parking, so I'd go at a non-peak time, particularly with large group and several cars. You could also do the Atlanta Food Truck park at Howell Mill.

    There are non-chain burger places on Howell Mill (Flip, Yeah Burger), but they are not right at the interstate.

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      Pappadeaux is on windy hill right off 75--and there are at least 6 others on windy hill just past papa

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        I agree on Heirloom Mkt, esp the warnings on size and hitting it off-peak if you have a crowd. The food truck park is fun if the weather's decent.

        Other thoughts:
        OK Cafe or Willy's (both at W Paces Ferry)
        Muss & Turner's if willing to make a couple-exit side trip on 285

        If you're heading up 575 to get into TN (instead of via Chattanooga/Cleveland), you could hold out for Bubba Q in Jasper.

      2. Another option - depending on time of day - might be Ted's Montana Grill at Cumberland Mall. Plenty of parking since it's in the mall and easy to find if you have directionally-challenged friends to meet up with. You might want to get clear of 285 before stopping though, just to get out of the city.

        1. The Rib Ranch on Canton Road (take Hwy 5 Connector north) on the left just past the first traffic signal. Brisket, pork, sausage, and chicken along with good sides. Plenty of room and plenty of parking.