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Aug 8, 2012 07:31 AM

Tasting Table at the Union Square Swirl & Slice (Thursday nights at 7)

Hey everyone, I don't know how many people have heard of the Swirl & Slice, but it's a specialty foods market in Union Square in Somerville on Thursday nights (

One part of the market is the Tasting Table, which is a 1 hour tasting that features products from the market and a local professional from the industry that comes in and shows you how to use the products. I went to the Honey Tasting a few weeks ago, featuring products from Follow the Honey, as well as the Grilling with Tim and Bronywyn of T.W. Food, both of which were absolutely PHENOMENAL. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

This week there is one on how to throw a wine tasting--should be great! More information here:

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