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Aug 8, 2012 07:27 AM

HELP!!!! Want to introduce family to creative cuisine - Georgia

Hi I have some family members visiting on Saturday (we live in Dallas Ga). My husband and I are foodies and we are always talking to them about food, experimenting and training the palate. I want to use the opportunity of their visit to take them to a place with real good food. You know what I'm talking about the place where you look at the menu and think: "Really? That goes together?". I can't take them to Atlanta because they are afraid to drive there... I know that's another story. Anyway we are going to be around the Dallas-Hiram area so anything within half an hour from there I would think is ok. I'm not really looking for atmosphere this time. I'm really looking for creative cuisine. Also I would like some suggestions for good restaurants around Dallas Ga. We just moved here and are at a lost. Anything from diners to fine cuisine is highly appreciated. I know this is the site to go to as I traveled to Asheville, NC last month and this site helped me find the best restaurants. Kudos to all of you foodies out there!

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  1. well,hate to tell you this, but youre in the wrong Dallas for cuisine--anyway, you could try Bay Leaf Cafe for good mediterranean--if you can head to atl, Ecco or Empre State grill are very good

    1. Cafe Sunflower in Sandy Springs might be just what you are after. Gabriel's on West Whitlock (SR 120) in Marietta is very good traditional southern cuisine. Muss and Turner's is just off I-285 on Atlanta Road in Smyrna. It is excellent.

      1. Try The Chicken and the Egg or Seed in Marietta. Marietta also has a few decent Korean and at least one Japanese place if you're looking for ethnic but won't drive to Buford hwy or Atlanta