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Aug 8, 2012 06:54 AM

Baking hard biscotti

My family loves biscotti and I am already thinking about making it for holiday gifts. I have tried a lot of recipes and by following the baking directions the biscotti always ends up firm, but not hard enough. I would like it to hold up to being dunked and not make a mess at the bottom of my coffee cup. Also, to be able to be packaged without breaking. Of course, I don't want to break a tooth either ;-) Does anyone have experience baking biscotti? If I bake them longer at low heat will they get harder or do I need to change the ratio of flour/fat? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. What method and recipe are you using? You bake them twice, right? Are the recipes you are using similar? Is the second bake long enough?

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      I have used all different recipes. It seems that anything with chocolate pieces in it always comes out softer. However, I just made a recipe last night that just had almonds and no fruit so I thought it would be very hard. It even had a little cornmeal in it so I really thought that would dry it out. Nope, just as tender and crumbly as ever. As far as the second bake, I have baked them anywhere from 5-12 minutes per side. I have also used convection bake to try to dry them.

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        Bake them longer (and higher temp) the second time around.

        Let them cool completely before storing.

        Don't crowd your pan with the initial biscotti loaf.

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          I don't know if this will cure the biscotti but my (Italian old school) aunties never baked chocolate into biscotti--only almond slivers (of course, they did only two kinds, the anisette and the almond). I think I saw them dipped in dark chocolate maybe two times in my life, but never containing chocolate bits.