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Peach Cobbler Twist

What special ingredients you add in your peach cobbler that makes it different from the usual recipe?

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  1. I like cardamom and ginger in mine.

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      Thanks Magie! I usually have vanilla and cinnamon. I'm gathering new ideas for a new recipe and i'll definitely note cardamom and ginger. :)

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        +1 cardamom
        i generally garnish with caramel powder, and often do a layer of frangipan under the fruit

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          +1 for the cardamom

          Blueberries work well, too.

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            I thought of blueberry before as well but never really tried them. It's in my list of to-do definitely. Thanks rockycat!

        2. I'm sure someone will say bacon! The cardamom and ginger sounds great, or bourbon, but you could also mimic peach melba with raspberries.

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            ohh raspberries! I'll take note that....thanks katecm!

          2. Sneak in some apricots.

            1. I am a fan of this recipe. It's a combo cinnamon roll/peach cobbler. I've made it even more decadent by adding a smear of cream cheese frosting.


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                I'm used to having cinnamon and vanilla but i think your cream cheese frosting will give my usual peach cobbler a twist. Thanks for the link as well!:)

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                  The "twist" is in the recipe's preparation, and not so much the common ingredients. Enjoy!

              2. I found a skillet peach cobbler that asked for peach jam to be spooned over before baking (it was almost like an upside down cake) and all I had was a jar of pear and ginger jam. So good, I will always add ginger now in some form.

                This is the recipe, definitely a little different


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                  That sounds really good. Do you think the sugar could be cut a little in light of the jam?

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                    Possibly, it's similar to cake so you could do the same as you would there. Mine did burn around the edges a bit, so maybe less sugar would help there too.

                2. Almond extract in the dough (almond is a natural partner for all stone fruit because it's in their family), and little dollops of sweetened cream cheese or mascarpone, mixed with a bit of flour to keep them more intact, in amongst the peaches. Hence, a peaches and cream version. Never did any measurements.

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                    hmmm...almonds! I never thought of that. Thanks i'll surely include that! Thanks greygarious...keep the good ideas coming.:)

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                      +1 on almonds with peaches. you could mix some almond meal into the crumble topping, along with swapping out some brown sugar for the white. love, love, ginger, allspice and cardamom with fruit.

                      eta: not all together. :)

                    2. I add crystallized ginger slivers and peach schnapps to the cobbler.

                      1. We always sprinkle the cobbler with toasted pecans.

                        1. Yes, yes to almond extract!
                          Or, add toasted pecans.
                          Or, my favorite... half cherries/half peaches, with almond extract or pecans. That reminds me, I have one in the freezer! Methinks it needs to be thawed ASAP! :-)