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Shell Beach - Pismo Beach - SLO - Paso Robles

Renting a house in Shell Beach for 4 nights and wondering if anyone out there has any recommendatons for restaurants in the area?

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  1. Lido at the Dolphin Bay has been consistently good.

    For SLO, I like Koberl at Blue and Buona Tavloa for my upscale options. To help the wallet, I like Novo and Big Sky

    In Paso, I like Artisan and Thomas Hill OrganisIn

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      Second Artisan and Thomas Hill Organics. I also like Il Cortile.

    2. great pizza, salads and pasta at Giuseppes Express on Price St, sit down Italian at Giuseppes main restaurant down the street.

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        +1 on Giuseppes Express, nice fresh ingredients and helpful staff.

        1. PISMO BEACH:

          1. Mo's BBQ - Philthy Phil's ribs in and Hotlix down the street towards the ocean for coffee flavored salt water taffy.

          2. Steak pieces and the potato skillet appetizers sitting at the bar at McLintocks. Good for two people.

          1. I always stop at the Steaming Bean in Shell Beach for great coffees - the Kona Mocha's my favorite. They also have breakfast items - burritos, for instance with avocado and bacon, and oatmeal loaded with fresh fruit. Friendly staff and cosy place for a simple breakfast, nothing fancy.

            1. Vey Casual--Guiseppe's Rest in downtown Pismo has a small stand alone Pizza joint that backs up to the freeway a block south of the main restaurant. Wood-fired oven and good thin crust pizza. Spartan 'dining area' in a tiny room with a few deli goods displays. It's good pizza.

              Don't miss Doc Bernstein's Ic eCream --old fashioned parlor--in downtown Arroyo Grande. Cash only. Super Premium ice cream, some inventive flavors rotate thorugh with standards. Today is the start of Salted Caramel limited offering.

              If you are here on Sat, the best local food-lovers Farmers Mkt is Saturday @ 8AM in SLO at the Embassy Suites shopping center next to 101 (Madonna Rd exit). Thursday night street fair is nothing special foodwise, lots of other distractions. All the best farmers & vendors are at the Sat AM mkt with breakfast goodies by several caterers, fresh roasted coffee, freshly made juices, etc. 8AM in front of Cost Plus.

              If up in Paso for winetasting, Peir 46 in the Trader Joe's center at Vineyard and 101 has great seafood in a casual cafe atmosphere. Very fresh fish, good salads, good value. beer & wine.

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                Yep, go to Doc Berstein's or(sacralige I'm sure) have a scoop at the Hula Hut inAvila Beach and enjoy a walk on the pier with it. Their selection is nowhere near the mothership but they had salted caramel last time I was there. It was crazy good

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                  Also at the salt water taffy store at the corner of Pomeroy and Dolliver in downtown Pismo.

              2. Since no one has covered breakfast I will. In Pismo on Price St.: Penny's All American Cafe is great for a traditional breakfast, Central Roast coffee house has breakfast sandwiches and fresh baked goods. I didn't try any but it all looked good, the coffee and the space was great as well as the staff. Honeymoon Cafe looked more healthful, but very popular, I couldn't find a seat or I would have stayed. On Dolliver St. is Old West Cinnamon rolls. Great for the carb deprived. I brought a roll back for a friend and he loved it.

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                  Honeymoon Cafe is indeed small, but our favorite spot for a delicious, and (possibly), healthy breakfast. You can go healthy or you can go whole hog, so to speak. The breakfast burritos are a winner and the barista is surprisingly good.

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                    Usually I don't recommend a place on the way the food looks, but those burritos looked yummy. Thanks for the recommendation, I will get there earlier next time.

                2. Scotty's B&G sports bar in Pismo on Price St serves bfast on weekends--good huevos rancheros but you have to specify your egg style or you get scrambled. Good bloody Marys.