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Aug 7, 2012 10:03 PM

steaks "rubbed" with Knorr beef bouillon cubes?! (advertisement) - does anyone do this?

hi from Canada -- when we watch certain channels on Internet (no more cable tv for us) --- there is an advert that comes on "featuring" some chef with UK accent pan-fying steaks that have been rubbed with his hands - and a cube or two of Knorr brand beef stock cubes ground with some oil.

does anyone actually do this recipe?

as an Albertan, i cannot imagine doing that sort of thing to decent cattle meat. (let alone pan-frying a steak but i suppose it is done, so to speak)

but maybe a Chow person recommends it?

here is one of the variations from their Brit website ...

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  1. I've never done that before, but I'd like to try that idea sometime.

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      i'd be very interested in the results of your venture. pls post

    2. That is Marco White... he won a few michelin star restaurants.

      i would say there is no problem with rubbing boullion cubes onto low quality steak. i wouldn't do it with high quality steak.

      I respect Marco. Not only because he is advertising *GASP* knorr boullion, but it's his "i don't give a ####" attitude. He does what tastes good and what's simple for a home cook.

      1. I guess it would be like a flavored salt rub...

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          Yeah... God knows bouillon cubes have plenty of salt. Why not add some beef flavor to it? The oil promotes browning. I have never heard of doing this but I have seen people use smoked salt and as happybaker says, we have seen rubs used many times.

          Shocking as it sounds, I think it is innovative.

        2. Actually, done properly, pan frying steaks can be some of the best you'll get as a home cook. If you follow this recipe below very carefully (I mean very carefully--read it 3 times before you try it and don't overlook any of the suggestions--you'll end up with one of the best steaks outside of a prime steak house). In a normal home kitchen, you can make more than 2-3 at a time (assuming you have 2-3 cast iron pans that fit in your oven).

          By the way, when he says bring the steak to room temp, that means at least 1 hr on the counter. I recommend wrapping it in 2-3 paper towels to wick water away from the steak. Also, heat the oven, with the pan in it for at least 20-30 minutes.

          Also, don't leave the oven open any more than is absolutely necessary when putting in the steaks and flipping them.

          Be prepared for smoke too. Turn off the smoke alarms for a few minutes while cooking

          1. When doing steaks indoors, searing and cooking them in a frypan of some kind is pretty normal. If you have a stovetop grill or a pan with ridges on the bottom, that would be a good choice too, but many people don't, and you don't see that equipment recommended here very often.

            Here's Gordon Ramsay showing how: