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Aug 7, 2012 09:32 PM

Tallahassee Vertigo

Went there for lunch today. Ordered a burger called the Triple Throw Down. It was described as a beef burger with bacon and blue cheese, horseradish sauce and caramelized onions.

They were out of blue cheese so gave me a choice of feta or white cheddar. I chose the white cheddar and ordered it without the horseradish sauce. I also ordered a mix of fries and onion rings they call half and half.

It came out with horseradish sauce, so I sent it back. The kitchen wiped off part of the sauce and sent it back out. I sent it back a second time and asked them to please get me a burger without the sauce. I could see the kitchen manager through the window and he didn't seem too happy to see my burger back for a second time. But he sent another out right away.

The flavor was good but the burger was cooked well done, gray and dry. Not at all juicy. Why is it so difficult to get a burger in Tallahassee that is pink and juicy? The bacon, cheese and onions were a good complement to the burger.The bun was tasty and held up to the toppings well.

The fries and rings were crispy and very good.

I know they are still working out kinks so I'll give them another try in a few days.

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  1. This blogger gave it a good 1st day review.

    But he too mentions the well done is the default. This is now typical of most burger places as the food police have cracked through the mind set that the only meat safe to eat is completely cooked with all juices dried out. So sad. I'll stick with Ted's when I want to spend that much for a burger.

    1. I just tried Vertigo today for lunch and ordered their Vertigo burger. For a burger named after the eatery, I expected something that would wow me. Alas, I was disappointed. My burger was cooked medium and the egg on top was nice and runny. The flavors were ok, but nothing really stood out. To me it tasted like a run-of-the-mill burger that you can get at any chain restaurant.

      The side order of fries and onion rings were also not very memorable. In fact, the only thing I remember about that side order was that the onion rings looked as if they were made by a first year culinary student. Scratch that... that would be insulting to first year culinary students.

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      1. re: ILike2Eat2

        Tried Vertigo last night and really had a good time.
        We were 4 people and tried 4 different burgers. Actually my personal fave was the farro burger but everything was tasty. the beef burgers were not well done, more medium. The pork tasted more like beef??
        I liked the wine list.
        The fries and onion rings were a little over.
        The salad was really nice.
        Biggest disappointment: styrofoam YUCK! for the drinks.

        IMHO--difinitely worth a revisit. I really want to try the shrimp burger next time.
        The place is just fun!

      2. Ate lunch there again today. Again had the Triple Throw Down burger. It was cooked medium and while not really juicy, the meat was pink inside. They had the blue cheese this time. Good flavor all around.

        1. So far the best burgers I've had in Tallahassee are at Ray's Steel City Saloon and Cody's Roadhouse. Both supposedly ground-on-the-spot, both cooked to order. Ray's also has *awesome* beer-battered onion rings and pretty good black bean soup!

          1. Fluff piece in today's Democrat. Burgers in pics look a bit small in size, but stacked taller. Mixed order of rings and sweetpotatoe fries looked skimpy. Not sure of East Layfette is a go-to place after work hours or weekends, as it's not on a main throughfare and can be a bit trying to reach if you're at the Mall.

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            1. re: crewsweeper

              Finally ate there on Sunday late afternoon. Initially not crowded. But wait time was a bit slow. Wife's Greek lamb burger was dry and cool as if it had been sitting awhile. They did replace it with a fresh burger when requested. Triple Throw down was cooked more done than medium for me but still had juices in meat. 1/2 and 1/2 order fires and rings was okay, but rings were thin and lacking in flavor. SP fries were good. Might be worth another stop if in the area, but not worth a special trip.