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Aug 7, 2012 08:35 PM

All-Clad rumor - Any truth to it?

I was trying to make a large purchase (approximately $1,800) of All-Clain (Stainless Steel) pots and pans from a specialty cooking store in my city. The store owner tells me the order cannot be made because All-Clad is having major issues with delivery, is ramping down production, and things were really "in transition" at the corporate level. I have a hard time believing that to be true. This specialty cooking store carries All-Clad, Viking, Le Creuset, Scanpan, etc. Also special ordering hasn't been a problem in the past.

Any truth to this rumor? Or is the store owner just trying to force me into something with higher margins for the store?

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  1. <All-Clad is having major issues with delivery, is ramping down production>

    I haven't heard of that, but it does not mean it is untrue. Still, I have only heard of the other way, which is the production cannot support the demand and therefore the delivery is slow down. I have yet heard of the the delivery is problematic and therefore the production has to be ramped down. I mean it is possible due to warehouse storage space, but I would be surprised.

    1. If All-Clad is what you really want, why don't you just buy it on-line?

      Personally, I would opt for a different brand since I'm not an All-Clad fan.

      1. I am not a big fan of All Clad. We have one item, the d5 deep sauté. The handle is the most uncomfortable of all the cookware we have. While it is an improvement over earlier triply, I just plain do not like the feel of the handles. As Si Post stated, if this is what you want, buy on-line. They should last a lifetime.

        We have Scan Pan Fusion Five (five layer stainless) and right after we bought, the line was discontinued. The cookware is holding up exceedingly well and will likely never need replacing. So get what you want. Or shop around for something where the manufacturer is not rumored to be having troubles at the corporate level. Good luck.

        1. I've heard about their delivery problems. I attended an event that was put on by an All-Clad rep. She told me that All-Clad is kinda a small company and they do have problems with stock. Their production facilities cannot handle the demand...that is why the stock is inconsistent. Maybe this change is for the better and they are expanding their facilities...or this change in their line may not have taken off...who knows.

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            All-Clad suffers from trying to be exclusive (creating certain pots for Wm-Sonoma for example) and changing their lines too much. D5, their original tri-ply, different sizes for different stores - nothing consistent. If they could just redesign their horrific handles and create a uniform consistent line, available everywhere, I would think they could get a better market share. Oh, also - drop the prices for crying out loud. It's stainless steel, not gold. With so many other cookware lines now available, they could be attractive to more buyers if they made their stuff a bit more affordable.

            (AND, lose that handle design! A lot of us in that certain age group have funds to spend, but if I were updating my cookware I'd have to think twice about the lack-of-ergonomics handle. Ouch!)

            1. re: breadchick

              My son has All-Clad and I dislike the handles as well, although he doesn't seem to mind. I'm going mostly with Scanpan for the couple of non-sticks, and Viking for most of the other pots and pans. The handles are so much more comfortable in my hand. I would have bought All-Clad had the handles been more comfortable.

              1. re: breadchick

                The handles are a matter of personal preference. I happen to like the original handle, although I see why some do not like them. However, the handle on my de Buyer pan is equally uncomfortable when held the wrong way, and requires the same adjustment in order to hold it comfortably, yet no one complains about these.

                1. re: GH1618

                  I have a few de Buyer pans and can't see where they're uncomfortable. Flat, no chance of twisting, the angle is a plus. I grab from underneath, so maybe that's why I like them. I like the leverage even when the skillet is full. Everyone has their own prefs.

                  1. re: breadchick

                    Pick up the All-Clad the same way — rotate your wrist so your hand is underneath and your fingertips go into the depression on the top side of the handle.

                  2. re: GH1618

                    I hate the All Clad handle - so thin and oddly shaped. Does not fit my Man Hand well.

              2. I would highly recommend seconds from I have barely been able to find a scratch on the four pieces I have purchased.