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Aug 7, 2012 07:04 PM

Rusty Taco in Minneapolis

Ice cold tortillas. Dry meat and fish. Really awful. I've been to the one in St. Paul and thought it was good but not great. The Minneapolis location pales in comparison.

My mistake. Should have headed up to that one block on Central that has a few great Mexican joints.

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  1. Have only been to the one in St. Paul, but your feedback on the Minneapolis location is about what I expected to hear based upon my experiences at the other location. Good hot sauce though...

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    1. re: mull0263

      Pretty much the exact post I was going to type out. I love their habanero salsa and queso.

      1. re: NugarifiK

        2013 Update -- I like the pork w/ pickled onion and cojita and their chorizo breakfast tacos are awesome. Although Los Ocampo is my go-to mexican joint, Rusty Taco's breakfast keeps me coming back every weekend.

        1. re: NugarifiK

          Thank you for posting this. We used to go to RT for breakfast on occasion on the weekends, but for some reason, I thought they'd stopped doing breakfast. I'm glad to hear I'm mistaken on that point.

          Do you recall what time they open on weekends?

          ETA: ah, I see on their website they list their hours as Sunday – Thursday 11am – 9pm and Friday – Saturday 10am – 10pm

          That would explain why we stopped going there for breakfast. They used to be open for breakfast at 7am. Their new hours of 11am on a Sunday and 10am on a Saturday is way too late for us! Carry on.


    2. Must be something in the air over here - their taco truck is also blah. Too many great tacos around town to bother with Rusty Taco anymore.

      1. For tacos, there are now many delicious choices in Minneapolis. Most along Lake Street between Lyndale and Hiawatha. Some can be had up on Central, but it pales in comparsion to Lake Street.

        Surprisingly good tacos are now available even in 2nd ring suburbs, like Olmeca in Burnsville where you can get the Carnitas freshly made on Saturdays. They even have a La Hacienda branch location in Burnsville.

        I prefer Chipotle to Rusty Taco when eating at gringo-owned and operated multi-state taco chains. Heck, I prefer Taco Bell and Taco Johns to Rusty Taco.

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        1. re: JimGrinsfelder

          I'll respectfully disagree, though I haven't been to their MPLS location. I've been to Rusty Taco's STP location many times, and while they're not the best tacos in the world, I like them just fine. The brisket and roast pork tacos are my favorites there. Too much raw diced onion, but then I always forget to ask them to leave the onion off. I prefer Las Teresitas' tacos, but then they're a few blocks from home. But Rusty is convenient to work.

          I can't believe anyone would say that Chipotle or [gasp] Taco Bell is better than Rusty's STP location.

          As for the "operated multi-state taco chains", uh, yes, 5 location across 2 states would technically qualify, but I think that's a bit of a over-dramatized description of their operation. They're not exactly an empire. La Hacienda is 2 locations away from having the same number as Rusty's. I'm not sure what "Gringo-operated" has to do with anything. It's tacos. Mexican, American, Peruvian, or Ukranian, it doesn't take much to put good tacos together. Anyone of any nationality can do it, not just Mexicans.

          1. re: JimGrinsfelder

            I have never been to Rusty Taco, either Mpls or St Paul, so I really cannot comment on how good their tacos are. But...I will admit to being rather prejudiced against gringo-owned taco joints such that when there are good to really really good taquerias around that are Latin@-owned I'm sure as heck not going to go to a gringo-owned one instead. This is where my husband laughs at me and calls me racist. But as a Latina myself, I guess I just feel like I need to be supporting my people as much as possible. That's not to say there aren't exceptions - when I was growing up in San Diego one of the best taquerias in my neighborhood was owned by two white, Jewish Americans (all of their employees - the folks that made the food, etc were however Mexican/Mexican-American). So, sure it's possible that white American-owned taquerias can be good, just like it's more possible that Mexican/Latin@-owned taquerias that are really bad. But while there are such fantastic places to have good tacos that are owned, operated, and staffed by Mexicans or other Latin@s, I'm going to go with them. For the record, my favorite tacos in the TC are at Los Ocampo (specifically their tacos al pastor)... and good heavens they have how many locations at this point? Seven? Practically an empire...

            1. re: turtlebella

              Where do we draw the line? The best taco I've had in years was the caramelized goat belly taco from World Street Kitchen this summer. Sameh Wadi doesn't strike me as being a Latino.

              To me, great food is great food regardless of the ethnicity of the owner. I won't fault you for your prejudice, but you may be missing a hell of a lot of great food under that philosophy.

          2. Was not impressed in St. Paul and agree with Grindsfelder!

            1. I went yesterday for the first time, to the St Paul RT. I had the fried chicken taco, which I ordered mostly because of the slaw and jalapeno ranch dressing. I loved it. The chicken was moist and the slaw/dressing was a great combo.

              I had been at Trader Joe's and needed something to hold me over until I got home, so I admit my requirements weren't very high, but I'll stop again and try a few other things.

              And the staff was very friendly.