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Aug 7, 2012 06:12 PM

Mr fish or Russell's for seafood dinner?

Hi all,

Please help us choose between these two restaurants for our last (seafood) dinner in MB!

We are two adults and two kids (the kids will eat any kind of seafood).


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  1. I can't comment on Mr Fish,but please try Russell's if you can.It is special.Its a dive in the best sense.Russell wil most likely meet you at the door.

    Having said this, I'm looking forward to trying Mr Fish in the spring.If they have a whole fried flounder on the menu,they are doing something right!

    1. Like Molly, I've never been to Mr. Fish and I hope to try it soon. But it would have to be fantastic to be as good as Russell's.

      1. Thanks all. We are thinking of going earlier to Murrells Inlet and trying the paddle boarding.

        What is the thing to order at Russell's? Scallop platter?

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        1. re: jacolis

          Hard to tell you what to order--it's all good. Check out the specials. They are all about providing the freshest seafood possible, so they often have off-menu specials of whatever is available, like soft-shelled crabs, grouper, etc. I will suggest the she-crab soup as a starter--it's the best I've had anywhere.

          I've never had a bad meal there, so just go with what you like.

          1. re: arbyunc

            Listen to Arby (and me too).Russell's is about simple quality.If you aren't sure,just ask Russell.He will be on the flloor with a big grin and a Doc Holiday mustache.I just ask them what I should order and I'm never disappointed.Don't sweat it, you will be treated like family.