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Aug 7, 2012 06:08 PM

Momofuku Noodle Bar's Fried Chicken

Our reservation for Momofuku Noodle Bar's fried chicken meal rolled around this past Monday at noon. There were four of us, two adults, two kids. There's plenty on line about this chicken extravaganza, but I was unprepared for just how much chicken there'd be. Two chickens, one Southern fried in a spicy batter, and one Korean version brushed with a sweet/spicy sauce made quite a pile of chicken! We thought the kids would prefer the Southern version but we were wrong; Korean was the table favorite. It was wonderfully crispy and a bit sticky. There are plenty of napkins available.

There are four different sauces for dipping or slathering and a bowl of buttery lettuce leaves, Thai basil, tiny carrots and radishes, and a container filled with"pancakes" for chicken moo shu style. All of those items are replenished when you need more. The grownups stuck with water for a beverage, glasses kept full by our nice server, kids had coke in glass bottles. I asked about Moxie, since I'd had that the first time I went there, but it proved to be unpopular enough that they don't have it anymore. If anything is an acquired taste it's Moxie! But this old Mainer is contrary enough to like it.

I don't know where they source their chickens, but under all the coating and spiciness there was beautiful clean tasting, juicy meat , without a hint of grease anywhere.

We had leftovers. We still have leftovers! They were nicely packed up for us, with all the sauces we hadn't used up, plus the pancakes. It's no longer crisp, but the flavor is still great.

We saw that fried chicken being served the first time we were there eating noodles, and figured the kids would love it. There were folks there on Monday eyeing our chicken the same way. Then we saw them ask their waiter about it. Our server said some patrons have offered to buy a piece or two from someone who'd ordered it. It looks and smells that good!

Momofuku Noodle Bar

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  1. Thanks for your report. Three years ago I was part of a dining group of 4 adults who shared the delicious fried chicken, and we also had plenty of leftovers. It was an excellent meal!

    1. been there too (with a group of Hounds)... that is some good chicken. We had no leftovers (there were more of us though)

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        went there last year with a friend who surprised us with
        a) a reservation offer
        b) an insistence on picking up the check when it came

        six of us had no leftovers...well, i think there was one drumstick left. we had some pork buns ahead of the chicken, fwiw
        such a great meal. the chicken, all the sides. the whole experience was top notch!

      2. Would they ever allow a party to order two Southern or two Korean? Any easy guess is a big fat NO! Anyone know?

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        1. re: zzDan

          My uneducated guess would be no, but you could call and ask. You'll get voicemail, leave your question and they'll send it to someone who has the answer. That person will get back to you.

        2. I tried the fried chicken at Momofuku Noodle Bar a few weeks ago, and overall thought it was great. There were four of us, and it was a LOT of food for four people. I'd say we ate about 2/3 of the chicken, though.

          I really liked the sauces and wrappers that came with the chicken, particularly the homemade pancakes. I also appreciated the fresh herbs, and thought it was a cool idea to have fried chicken that you take off the bone and wrap up in either lettuce or pancake with all the possible flavor combos.

          I ended up eating more of the Southern style than the Korean style, and I preferred it slightly, even though I found it a bit too salty. In fact, the batter on the Southern version was very tasted like it had been breaded in chicken bouillon cubes. But I loved the crispy outside, and the moist inside, and adding the sauces and veggies dulled down the saltiness a bit.

          Overall, probably not the best fried chicken I've ever had, but a fun experience and pretty tasty nonetheless.

          1. if you enjoyed the chicken, definitely look into the large format duck meal at Ssam Bar.

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            1. re: coasts

              +1 for the large format duck at Ssam Bar!