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Aug 7, 2012 06:01 PM

Bagel Nosh --- the tastiest breakfast at the cheapest price

Their breakfast specials are pretty good for the price and it's tasty too.

I'm sure many hounds thinks it's dreadful because it just happens to always hit the spot for me.

Maybe because the specials are about $5.69 to $5.95 and served all day:

my favorite sample: two eggs, potatoes, and choice of bacon, with a bagel and cream cheese for $5.95.

One of the only breakfast joints that are half-way decent that I can get out for a ten spot with some change left over for the paper.

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  1. IMO Bagel Nosh makes the best kettle boiled bagel since the original I & Joy.

    1. I really like their corned beef hash. Not the scrapple-like uniform-consistency of canned corned beef (which I still love on its own merits). One of our family's go-to places for breakfast. Nice fresh-squeezed OJ too.

      1. kevin, would it kill you to include locations? I thought you were referring to a place on Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills -- turns out it is on Wilshire at 16th in Santa Monica, right?

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                You are right, the BH spot changed its name a while back to Nosh of Beverly Hills. Anyway, Nosh of Beverly Hills has great kettle boiled bagels.

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                  My apologies all, yes, it's on 17th or 18th and Wilshire in Santa Monica.

                  Not at all to be confused with the one that goes by a different name in Beverly Hills.

                  They are completely different the "nosh" in the name is the only similarity

              2. also, i would presume the bh location is double the price.

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                  Just had an onion bagel with vegetable cream cheese from here last weekend, enjoyed it -- though I'm an onion fanatic so I think it could have been even more onion-y. The seating area was packed at 10 am on a Saturday -- college kids, families, retirees. They're doing a lot of things right, and I agree that the price point is probably one big factor in their success. As much as I am willing to splurge on a $4 pastry here and there, or a $15 breakfast from a fancier "diner", a great & filling bagel with tons of spread for less than $3 is pretty darn awesome. Too bad bagels and pastries are about on the same level as far as health is concerned. Oh well! Eat dessert first, some say. Or just run a few miles a day.

                2. Forgot my pic. Here it is, onion bagel with veggie spread. They have great fresh squeezed orange juice, too.