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Aug 7, 2012 05:54 PM

Uniquely Oregon with easy access from the East

I am planning a camping trip next week to the Columbia River Gorge and would like to make a side trip to Portland for at least one meal. I would appreciate any recommendations for places that are reasonably accessible coming into Portland on 84 from the east. Quality of food is key, and would love to find something that is unique to Portland. Many thanks.

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  1. Any restaurant on the east side of Portland is pretty easy to get to from 84. Downtown really isn't all that difficult either - as long as you're avoiding rush hour and Friday afternoons.

    For more casual dining (an assumption since you are camping) I would suggest Tasty and Sons (but they can have long lines).

    1. It's a little bit off 84, but for only-to-be-found-in-Portland I'd try to get to Beast. Amazing fixed menu, different each night. No substitutions and make reservations NOW, but that would be my first choice. They also do brunch on weekends.