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Aug 7, 2012 05:48 PM

ISO restaurant with lake view and/or patio for birthday lunch. Against the Grain? Others?

I've been looking for a restaurant in Toronto to have a surprise birthday lunch for my mother and 9 others. She loves being close to the lake, so a place with a lakefront patio or at least view would be great.

I've done some searching and I keep coming up with Against the Grain, but it seems like the food and service are hit and miss.

Has anyone eaten there recently? Have things improved? Am I missing other restaurants in my search?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. You could also try Pearl Harbourfront Chinese restaurant for dim sum, you will have a nice view even if it rains...

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      Yes, PHC is one of the few options with a lake view. There's also an italian restaurant but the name escapes me - it's a chain, and there's one on the Danforth as well. Not for discriminating palates, it's a step above (or maybe a couple) East Side Mario's. Older generations are generally fond of it, however.

      Lastly - if you want to splurge a bit, have appropriate decor and atmosphere and a great view as well, consider Scaramouche - not a water view, but a great view of the city. I'd suspect it would make a great surprise.

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        You're thinking of Il Fornello in the Queen's Quay building. There used to be another restaurant in there, The Boathouse, not sure if it's still there.
        It may be hard to organize with that many people but another option is to go to the Rectory Cafe on Ward's Island.
        None of these offer great food though.

        1. re: cheesymama

          Il Fornello closed a few months ago.

        2. re: justxpete

          Thanks for these suggestions. I had forgotten about PHC. I may need to rework the budget for Scaramouche :) but you're right, it would be a treat!

      2. In the West, there is Eden. Food is good to great. Great view of the city across the lake.

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          Thank you. This place looks great!

        2. Would not recagainst the grain, especially for larger groups... Had a nice experience at le papillon on the park with a large group recently...the rectory cafe on wards island is also nice..