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Charleston - help us decide

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Our 12th annual trip is coming up. We have been to all the best, many several times. We want to try some of the new ones which are getting rave reviews. Here is our list in no order.
We need to decide on four. Thanks!

Circa 1886
Trattoria lucca


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  1. Trattoria Lucca, Husk, Tristan, Fat Hen on John's island,

      1. I have heard good things about the Mac, but I haven't been. That part of upper King is really fun, so you might want to go have a beer at Closed for Business while you're there.

        Never heard of Catch. Love Grocery, like Husk. Have you tried Fish? Or Hall's?

        1. I meant Coast (Catch is in Wilmington). Thanks for the opinions.

          1. Grocery
            Fat Hen
            What are you doing in addition to these?

            1. I like The Grocery and The Macintosh, but I felt both were horribly overpriced. You can get virtually the same thing at The Glass Onion for 1/2 the price. You should also check out Tristan.

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                I had brunch at Grocery for $10. Glass Onion IS less expensive because they don't have the overhead of those on the Peninsula.

              2. I have been to Husk for lunch only but honestly
                I don't see what all the fuss is about.