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Aug 7, 2012 04:56 PM

Calgary North African Maghreb Food Market?

Does anyone know if there’s a food market in Calgary specializing in Moroccan, Algerian, and Tunisian foods, or if not, where I can buy preserved lemons? Or, perhaps tips on Middle-Eastern shops more generally in the city?

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  1. Have you checked Basha Foods in the NE. - big supermarket the aisles are a most pleasurable browse.

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    1. re: rosetown

      Thanks. I was just doing some Internet searching and came up with Basha, Anita, and Kalamata as possibilities. So I'll check them out for general Middle-Eastern.

      1. re: VitalForce

        Yeah, you can buy preserved lemons at Kalamata, among other cool things. Also, Atlas at 10th Street and 9th Avenue is a great place for Lebanese/general Mediterranean stuff.

        1. re: Leibowitz

          Thanks, I'll drop by Atlas as well and have a look around.

    2. I bought preserved lemons at Cookbooks Co on 11th Ave SW.

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      1. Village Bakery in Short Pants Plaza on Memorial Dr. NE, lots of middle eastern products and some awesome pita bread. I'm assuming it's still going I've been out of Calgary for a couple of years.

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          I have tried to find preserved lemons at Basha over the last 6 months. The only thing the staff direct me to is pickled lemon. Lots of other great stuff, ie 50lb bags of potatoes and onions for $11, that is plenty of meals worth!

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            I got some at the Cookbook Co. last week. There looked to be some in the loose olive section at Kalamata as well.