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Aug 7, 2012 04:47 PM

Some help for Vacation Matunuck Rhode Island

Heading to RI for one week 8/11 - Would appreciate some recommendations if possible - First -As a family we are an eclectic group - good food whether its gourmet or goulash as long as its tasty and the service is good (breakfast, lunch and dinner) - and we aren't afraid to drive a bit - Second - A very nice, romantic spot on Saturday evening for myself and my wife before the kids show up on Sunday...Looking for great food with great atmosphere. Third - any good "batch" recipes for the week for the ever flowing crowd of 18-25 year olds gracing our doorstep - I usually make a large batch of pulled pork with homemade slaw when we go down to North Carolina but since we are so close to home this year (CT) I'm not sure how many visitors we will get and I'd like to be somewhat prepared...Thanks in advance!


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  1. You should post questions 1 and 2 on the Southern New England Board, and 3 on the Home Cooking Board. Just trying to save you time....

    1. We have enjoyed Matunuck Oyster. We have also enjoyed a quick getaway meal at the bar at The Theatre By the Sea - Bistro. Nothing outstanding, but quite an enjoyable meal, watching the local theatre goers start off their evening.

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        And I can't think of it, but there was a farmstand that has really great peach blue berry pie that is fruity rather then sweet, in charlstown

      2. Right in Matunuck the Ocean Mist and Tara's Tipperary are great bars that have great food and are great bars. Check web sites for both for coming attractions. Ocean Mist is a great rock and roll bar and Tara's is a great Irish bar. Both have very good breakfast, lunch and dinner. Matunuck Oyster Bar has it all, great food, great location and good people. It's almost crowded so go in mid week at mid afternoon for little wait time. As for a great atmosphere and absolutely iincredible food check out Spain in Narragansett. It's where we go for almost every special meal. It's also very popular. Put your name on the list and then take a short cruise around Point Judith and Galillee. That takes up anywhere from 10-40 minutes. The farm stan that Bellachefa talked about is probably Peaches which is on Charlestown Beach Rd. Lobsters are relatively cheap these days, $4.99-5.99 at Stop and Shop and Shaws so enjoy. Skip's dock in East Matunuck/Jerusalem has fresh seafood at good prices. Jim's Dock. also in East Matunuck/Jerusalem, is a great family oriented BYOB, seafood in the rough, right on the water with a maarina urroounding the dining space overlooking Galliee with it's commercial fishing docks. The Seaview market in Matunuck has fair prices and very good meats. Carpenter's Farm stand on Matunuck Beach Rd. has great corn and greaa raised beef, plus all you could want from a farm stand. Vanilla Bean is much enjoyed by all for its ice cream.
        My wife and I have lived in Matunuck for three generations. Year round for 15 years. My father always called it the "poor man's rivriera". Come on down and enjoy!

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          Last time at Ocean Mist the food took forever to be served. I had fresh tuna which I recall being deicious I heard they renovated the kitchen. Any improvement?

        2. For a nice Sat night meal you might consider the Shelter Harbor Inn on RT 1 just entering Westerly. Nice views of their gardern and the food is very good. Nice little bar on the side.

          1. The weekly restaurant review in this week's Providence Phoenix is a total rave for La Strada Cafe & Pizza on Matunuck Beach Road. Now I usually take these reviews with a grain of salt, since the Phoenix is a free weekly and are dependent on advertising revenue, but this place does look like the real deal. Perhaps you can try it and let us know if it's really that great.

            Here's the review: http://providence.thephoenix.com/food...

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              LaStrada is just as good as reported.

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                I second that about La Strada!