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Aug 7, 2012 04:12 PM

Boulud at the Ritz

Anyone here been yet? Surprised no one has written a thorough review - none that I could find anyway.



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  1. I had lunch there a couple of weeks ago with a few girlfriends. The outdoor garden seating is beautiful, but the food and service failed to measure up to the setting. We had the lunch table d'hote, so maybe we would've done better ordering things separately. The food was very good, but not outstanding. The service was incredibly slow, especially for a weekday lunch, and they were unable to split the bill properly. I'd rather go back to Europea for lunch than return to Boulud.

    1. Was there last week for dinner. The setting and decor is beautiful.
      Service was excellent, both speed/pace and attitude.
      Tasted a few cocktails that were as delish as they were eye-catching.
      Also tasted the burrata app that was excellent, on par with that I've tasted in Italy, grilled octopus app also very good.
      My cod main was one of the best I've tasted, so light and fluffy and not overly rich tasting, can't recall what else it was served with.
      Also tasted chocolate dessert, can't recall the name but really chocolatey good and not too sweet.
      Sorry, I'm not exactly a reviewer, but I would go back and recommend, especially for "an occasion".
      Maybe not outstanding or the best in the city but great quality ingredients, presentation, atmosphere, service and though pricy, not outrageous.

      1. I went there a couple of weeks ago for dinner.
        The outdoor garden was beautiful. It was nice to seat there and relax over our bottle of wine while we waited for the food. The wine list was good. The service was very good and not slow at all for us.
        The food was very good but nothing amazing. I've eaten better for less money in Montreal. Something that I found funny was that I ordered the "seaweed bread crusted salmon" thinking it was a salmon with a crust of seaweed bread crumbs. I was wrong. It was just a pan-fried salmon with a crostini of seaweed bread on the side!
        I will probably stick to going for brunch will the garden is open but not too keen on going back for dinner.

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          I meant "I will probably stick to going for brunch WHILE the garden is open but I'm not too keen on going back for dinner"

        2. Gazette reviewed yesterday, pretty much confirming there's potential but it's just not there yet. Service, ambiance, wine list are very good, but the food just doesn't wow for the high price.

          I'll give then a bit more time to settle in and them try for myself. Will report back.



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            I tried it a few months ago and was a little underwhelmed. On top of that they grossly overcharged us-50$ too much- for two. I only realized when I got home. They refunded me the next day but didn't comp us in any way. I think they could have enticed us back with some kind of freebie.