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What are the must-have desserts in the Seattle area?

Yes, we're skipping supper so that the stomach has room for sweets. What would you recommend as the must-have desserts in the Seattle area? I want my "just desserts"!

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  1. The El Diablo at Tango. The lemon sour cream pie at B&O. Some rave about Tom Douglas' triple coconut cream pie.

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      TD's coconut cream pie is good, but the one at Seastar is better, imo.

    2. El Diablo at Tango, the Lunar Orbiter at Sky City @ the Space Needle (for its historic and novelty value only),Bananas Dulce at Cactus.

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        We had the Lunar Orbiter today. It was ... ice cream.

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          See "for historic and novelty value only"...it's ice cream that comes in a cloud of dry ice fog!

      2. Maybe not a dessert, but the frosted cake donuts at Top Pot are the best on the planet!


        1. The fresh, hot beignets with salted caramel and Macallan 12 butterscotch at RN74 get my vote. As does the butterscotch budino at the Pink Door.

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              The what, at the where-now? Excuse me, but I need to go find my car keys. That sounds incredible.

            2. Being an ice cream fan, my #1 would be a ferry ride over to Bainbridge for ice cream at Mora. YUM.

              1. The dessert thali at Poppy. I am not a sweets person and rarely order dessert, but I always get it at Poppy.

                1. I second the vote for Mora and I love the boozy shakes at Hot Cakes on Ballard Ave.

                  1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. But no fruit pies other than lemon? Rich or gooey chocolate desserts?

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                      El Diablo is a rich somewhat gooey chocolate dessert. Very intense. There is a pie place called ala Mode near the zoo. http://alamodeseattle.com/ I'd rather make my own quite frankly, but given the number of people who don't bake pies, it's a nice alternative. Simply Desserts in Fremont has a serviceable berry pie. Fran's chocolates are superb.

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                        Moelleux au Chocolate at Ponti Seafood grill is one fo my favorite rich and gooey chocolate desserts. They also have a trio of custards which really good.

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                          Here is the El Diablo. http://www.seattlemet.com/eat-and-dri...

                          We ALWAYS share an order when we go to Tango.

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                            Thanks, PAO. Actually, I've had the El Diablo...was just looking for other chocolate treats. I appreciate all of your suggestions!

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                          try shoo fly pie company or sugar rush baking company both in west seattle

                        3. My favs are at Boat Street; the bread pudding and the pot de creme.

                          1. Strong seconds for the beignets from RN74 and the dessert thali from Poppy. The pastry chef at Canlis was the only SEA candidate for Food & Wines's top new pastry chef title, so I assume Canlis can turn out something formidable. Probably Joule or Revel will have something seasonal and good as one of the principals there has deep training. Also, not in a restaurant, but the triple chocolate cupcake from Trophy is serious.

                            1. Bump.

                              Anyone have anything new add for exquisite dessert preps?


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                                I thought the eton mess at Whale Wins was really great.

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                                  I'm a sucker for Gâteau Basque. Sitka & Spruce serves it often, and I've seen it at Westward also.

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                                    Hiroki in Tangletown usually has Gâteau Basque. It's very good there.

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                                    I'm not a big dessert fan but I've had two lately that I can't stop thinking about. One was a pastry at Aragona. It's crescent shaped, filled with cream, and dusted with truffle salt. The other is the S'more at Rock Creek. It's served in a pot, with a graham cracker bottom, then chocolate cream and caramel, topped with torched marshmallow.

                                  3. Irwin's on N 40th or 65/Latona cooks! Bakes even. Seasonal fruit pies with yards of sweet flaky golden crust. A'la mode is gilding the lily - black coffee does it. Plan to take your sweet time and get to know the place. Blueberry muffin and any scone are Class-A.
                                    Not exactly dessert, but caramelized Hush Puppies at Rainin' Ribs do crown the meal sweetly.
                                    Ice cream is everywhere. Last evening it was lemon-marshmallow at Full Tilt.
                                    Sticky-rice of the day at Kedai Makan.
                                    Sương sa dừa trái ~ Coconut/lime gelatin served on the shell at Tamarind Tree.
                                    A box from Cafe Besalu will make you legend at the brunch, and, oh yes, twice-baked almond croissants from Bakery Nouveau will put you in a coma any time of day.

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                                      I think the Irwin's on 65th and Latona is gone. Replaced by Dish if I remember correctly.

                                    2. I think the bourbon caramel semifreddo at Altura is among the best desserts I have ever had. I would go back there just for that.

                                      1. I like the Panna Cotta at the Fremont Via Tribunali. It's consistently good.

                                        1. Restaurant Zoe has always put more effort than most restaurants into their dessert program, usually with delicious results. They just got a new pastry chef, who has worked at Grammercy Tavern in NYC. Should continue to be good.

                                          1. Thirding the love for Mora. The dulce de leche with shaved chocolate is amazing.

                                            I'm a big fan of the whiskey chocolate cake at Hot Cakes.

                                            I've also really enjoyed some of the desserts at Parchment, a bimonthly pop-up bakery at Brimmer & Heeltap. The items seem to change each time so I'm reluctant to recommend anything specific, since it may not be there the next time, but she does a great job using some unusual ingredients to enhance the dessert (like miso chocolate cupcakes).