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Aug 7, 2012 03:06 PM

Restaurant Ideas for a Wedding Present?

Some friends of mine are getting married, and I'm toying with the idea of getting them a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant in Brooklyn. Ideally I'd like to stick close to their Carroll Gardens zip code, but I guess Williamsburg would be okay too. Looking to spend around $150, which unfortunately rules out Brooklyn Fare.

Vinegar Hill House?
Other thoughts?

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  1. We got a few of these and loved it. It's a great gift. Saul was my favorite, but I also loved going to Frankie's and Marco Polo (the latter was less of a foodie destination, more of a neighborhood institution that I'd always wanted to try... I think $100 covered it). Buttermilk Channel or Chestnut are also good options. For us, since we don't spend much on restaurants, and we love a nice walk home, any of the renowned spots in our hood (Carroll Gardens) were a treat, and preferable to having to go to another neighborhood. If your friends already dine quite well on a regular basis, then I have less to offer in terms of new or exciting picks, and I think you're right to think more broadly and consider other neighborhoods, as well. Good luck choosing!

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      Chestnut is closed for good.
      Marco Polo will be closed through September 17 for renovations. (Don't send a young couple there anyhow. It's Old School hokey.)

      Buttermilk and Frankies' are sound though. As is Prime Meats also owned by the Frankies.

      1. re: thegforceny

        Good catch... I don't live there anymore, so I didn't realize. And you're right to caution about Marco Polo, as the OP may not be familiar with it... but what can I say, I liked the experience anyway ;)

    2. Our favorite in the Heights/Cobble/Carroll corridor continues to be Colonie (, which on Atlantic Avenue is an easy walk from CG. Depending on your friends' appetites $150 will cover either the whole meal or the majority of it. For reference, my wife and I went this weekend for our anniversary -- 2 entrees, 2 salads, 1 small plate pasta, no desserts, 3 cocktails ran $165 with tip. Hip atmosphere (but fine for the less-hip like us!), consistently good food and drink, potentially long waits.

      In the winter, also consider Henry's End ( up in Brooklyn Heights. Long-ish walk from CG, but closer than Williamsburg. I wouldn't call it fancy exactly, but it is a special neighborhood-vibe place, with an excellent game menu you won't find anywhere else around here (and not super pricey but enough that a gift card could be put to good use). If that's their kind of thing, consider it.

      Both of these places offer gift cards.

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      1. re: cazique

        Colonie is a great suggestion. Slightly closer to home and just as buzz-worthy is Battersby. They have a chef's counter and tasting menu options. If you ask them at the restaurant they'll be able to suggest an appropriate gift card amount for whatever options you want.

        Another possibility would be La Vara on Clinton St in Cobble Hill.

        1. re: boredough

          Thanks for all the great responses. In the end I went with Colonie - it's a great place and their website makes it so damn easy to design your own giftcard! On a side note: very excited to try Battersby, so thanks for that tip-off.

          Long live the happy couple.