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Aug 7, 2012 02:55 PM

Late Night Eats in South Beach

Hello all,

We'll be visiting South Beach for the first time in a few weeks (coming in from NYC), and will touch down at MIA at around 11pm on a Friday. Assuming that we get to our hotel (Essex House on Collins and 10th St) by midnight or so, could you recommend some places where we can still get a bit of good food to go with our drinks? I was thinking about walking over to where Pubbelly and/or Yardbird are located, but wanted to ask if these places would be jam-packed by then.

Also, can one actually walk from Essex House to Pubbelly? We won't have a car, so will opt for a taxi if that's more practical.


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  1. Taxi is definitely the way to go for either . . . Pubbelly is too far to walk, it would take 30 mins from 10th & Collins. Yardbirds is closer but still a 20-minute walk. Both are good late dining destinations.

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      Take a taxi and I would definitely recommend Pubbelly over Yardbird.

    2. Head over to Chow Down Grill. It's on 9th and Alton. It'll be a bit of a walk considering Collins is on the east side of the island and Alton on the west so you may wanna cab it. Chow Down is open until 4 or 5am

      1. I know you asked about Pubbelly and Yardbird, but I feel like La Sandwicherie should also be thrown in there in case you want something more casual.

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          Thanks for the replies! Pubbelly and Yardbird seemed to be the most obvious options for late night dining in the area, but we're happy to consider other options. Again, we don't mind walking (especially if there's lots to see on the way to our destination), so really appreciate the suggestions.

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            If tpigeon says "The Alibi"......It's "The Alibi".......Nobody....but nobody.....knows Miami Beach like tpigeon....

            Ft. Pierce, FL

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              I was going to suggest The Alibi as well, but I wasn't sure what time they closed the kitchen. I feel like I've gone in there on some nights, not that late, and found the kitchen closed. It's a very fine cheesesteak.

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                Well it is not far from sandwicherie if it is closed early for some reason, but it should be open very late so it is a no lose situation.