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Aug 7, 2012 01:49 PM

Ogunquit with kids

Hi, We're travelling to Ogunquit with our 2 year old twins for a long weekend in September. Any recs for family friendly restaurants?

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  1. Mike's Clam Shack on Rt 1 in Wells is a family restaurant. Big and clean. Good food and a varied menu. Last year we went there with two young granddaughters.

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      We went to Mike's with our two little ones this weekend (and the gp's and 93 yr. old great grandmother) and its a good place to take kids and seniors. There was plenty of room in the waiting space up front with a gift shop that kept our 3.5 year old occupied until the buzzer went off. Our waitress was kind to the kids and very tolerant of our wee one in a high chair who is in his "I'm going to throw everything you give me on the floor just to see what happens phase".

      Food and drinks arrived quickly. Clam chowder was good with tender clams and not too gloppy, fried clams a little small and little over battered/breaded, but the haddock was fresh and cooked perfectly.My only complaint was the ubiquitous sysco coated mash potato fries which I left on the plate - other than that everyone was happy with their meal. I would go again with the kids next year.

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        We may have missed the french fries since we usually request onion rings instead. Glad your family enjoyed Mike's.

    2. Mike's is good with kids, as dfrostnh states, as is Maniax, also on Rt. 1 in Wells.

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      1. I'm too late for your trip, but if you want incredible donuts, Congdon's in Wells is just as good now as I remember from my childhood in the 50's. They seem to use the same recipes, which is pretty surprising.