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Aug 7, 2012 01:43 PM

Aguas Frescas - which ones are you making & drinking?

Agua Fresca simply means "fresh water" & is usually made with fruit, water & sugar. Well, that is only part of the story. Folks are making all kinds of fresh waters. Let's hear what you are mixing up. I believe there are some fermented Aguas Frescas recipes floating around too.

The Agua Fresca is very versatile & an absolute great way to experiment with fruits & veggies. Sure beats drinking plain water!

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  1. Joint by me in Chicago makes the best n/a drink in the country, and now wherever I see it, I have to try it:

    Aguas Fresca De Alfalfa.

    My normal go to was Sandia, but this Alfalfa version has me absolutely hooked. I believe it's pineapple juice, and a heavy dose of alfalfa, lime juice, and they use some kind of special berry - name escapes me. Insanely good. Not too sweet at all. I wish everyone could try one of these things. From the first sip, I felt like I had been missing out on something special for my entire life up to that point.

    1. Watermelon + Lime + Mint agua fresca.

      1. Agua de Jamaica

        100g of dried hibiscus flowers steeped in 1L of water
        add another 1.5 L of water
        Sweeten with agave nectar
        Optional squeeze of lime

        I've also been drinking a lot of horchata but make a cheated version with the instant powder + almond milk + agave

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          Agua de Jamaica is my favorite as well. I usually steep the hibiscus in boiling water and will sometimes add a few slices of fresh ginger. Not bad with with a splash of vodka, either.

        2. Doesn't have sugar in it, but still tasty: fresh mint, just a teensy bit of mint extract if you feel like it, and frozen raspberries. If you leave it overnight, the raspberry taste really comes out. :)

          1. Its my favorite use for leftover cut up fruit- even watermelon, which I don't otherwise like. Mixed with other melons and fruits its fine.

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              Not AF per se, but the other day on Dr. Oz, in a segment about using what many people throw away, they pureed watermelon rind, plus lime juice and maybe water and mint (can't recall) for a smoothie-textured drink.