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Aug 7, 2012 01:34 PM


My husband and I had a wonderful meal at Weslodge this weekend. For starters, we ordered the fluke ceviche and seared bonito, for mains bison bavette and fried bourbon cornish hen and for dessert the instant chocolate cake and pistachio, cocnut panacotta.
We really loved each of our dishes, the weakest which was still pretty good was the seared bonito. The fluke ceviche and bison were boths tand out dishes for me. The ambience is lively and fun, not pretentious like some King west spots can be, service was very attentive and for a new restaurant I would say pretty good.
Our bill was $110 (witha galss of wine included and excluding tip).
I will definately eb returning, I think it is a great addition to the Toronto dining scene.

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  1. Can you remember what their wine list was like? They only list cocktails on their web site.

    1. Went to Weslodge early last night with some friends to check it out. The barrel aged cocktails are quite nice -- my negroni was very good, with the normally sharp edges of the campari and bitters softened and rounded off.

      My table shared the following small plates and sides: seared bonito, scotch eggs, brandade, asparagus and ricotta in puff pastry, roasted brussels sprouts w/bacon, and duck bacon + egg + fingerling potatoes. I must say that really enjoyed all of these dishes. There wasn't a bad item in the lot. The scotch eggs could have been more sausage-y, but I enjoyed how the spices and coating made them taste an awful lot like falafel (this is not a bad thing). The brussels and bacon were particularly good (we ordered a second!), with the house-cured bacon adding just the right amount of richness to the dish. The asparagus was really a small tart -- really delicious.

      The mains were less successful. Our table had a burger, the cornmeal crusted skate, and the 5-lb lamb shoulder (which is meant to be shared amongst several). The burger was declared to be "ok, but better burgers elsewhere". The skate was also just "ok" -- I love skate, but I found this piece to be mushier than I've had before. The lamb platter was impressive and HUGE. It was served with braised red cabbage and an Israeli couscous dish. The couscous was slightly overcooked, but the cabbage was very good. My friends said the lamb was prepared well, but was not terribly interesting.

      So as with so many places I've eaten at lately, I would happily return to Weslodge for the drinks and make a meal of the small plates and the sides and pass on the mains. Note that the mains were not bad, just not that interesting.

      Great atmosphere and design (despite the animal heads high up on the wall) and a really interesting mix of people. The service was friendly and totally non-pretentious, which I appreciated.

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          Thanks for review TorontoJo. I had read good things about it (I think in the G&M and Now?), but thought that it looked like more a club/bar. Glad to hear that there are good eats and drinks...

        2. Went to Weslodge for dinner recently and had these very good sides/snacks. Wouldn’t hesitate to return for these guys at some point!

          - The Scotch Egg. Good, but the exterior tastes a lot like a falafel. Nice with the tomato chutney/jam.
          - Asparagus on puff pastry with ricotta and baby arugula. Really light and flaky pastry and simply delicious.
          - Bacon and sprouts. Especially loved the bacon. Not too salty yet really flavourful. House cured.


          Oh, drinks are nice, but their classics seem almost too mellow for me. I was missing that fiery punch I'd come to expect.

          1. I had a great lunch there on Monday with a group of 4. Each of us loved our orders. We went back again on Tuesday and were amazed at how mediocre everything was compared to the day before.

            1. I had a decent dinner here with a colleague. We had several small shared plates, one large shared plates, a few sides, and dessert. All in, the damage was higher than I expected at $75 per person with tax and tip.

              We had the beef tartare with foie gras mousse to start. The funny thing was that they served the 3 sauces that accompany it almost 5 minutes after they delivered the tartare. The flavour wasn't bold enough for me and the foie gras was flavourless butter... perhaps it was my taste buds but shouldn't it have a flavour? The sourdough bread was very light on the sour part and I felt it was overly dry.I was a bit worried at this point for the dinner.

              The main we chose the large seafood special of the day. It was 2 seabass stuffed with a shrimp (?) mousse and seared. We also ordered two sides consisting of roasted brussel sprouts and the other was miso french green beans. For the price and considering they called it a 'large' share, I found this sea bass on the small side. For a share, I wouldn't call it a large share at all. I would say that it would be an overly generous portion for one. Anyhow, the skin was nice and crispy and the meat was still moist. The 'stuffing' was an interesting texture but it was a bit tasteless. I wouldn't order this again. The saving grace for the meal was 2 the sides. Bacon lardon with the roasted brussel sprouts were tasty. I wish they roasted them more but they had a bit of char. The miso ginger on the french beans was a nice punch that the other plates were missing. I could eat lots of this but for $6, I can easily say that I would need to eat at least 2 orders to make up what I normally eat for vegetables.

              For dessert, we ordered the pumpkin pie and it was ok. Spices were muted but the pumpkin filling had good texture. Standard pie fare. The other dessert was a definite must try for me... we got the sticky cake with a great combination of the in house ginger ice cream and figs. I really loved this dish. I think this was the only highlight of the entire meal. The stick cake was moist and flavourful. The ginger ice cream was potent and was a nice combination off the caramel toffee sauce.

              Overall, service was good but not great and the food itself was not bad but I wouldn't really recommend this place for the large plates. If you had a bunch of people who wanted to do drinks, this certainly would be a good place to try but go there for drinks, snacks, and desserts but skip on the 'real' food.