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Aug 7, 2012 12:55 PM

Coming in with wife and two fun girls in there 30's

Where to go? I like off beat places to socialize and drink. The women like interesting places with good atmosphere for dining. We are coming in two weeks. We are staying on East 83rd but will travel within Manhattan Thanks for any help.

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  1. Are you a beer, wine, or cocktail drinker?

    What's your budget, per person, before tax, tip, and drinks/wine/beer?

    How interesting is interesting, do you eat offal? Spicy food? How far off the beaten path are you willing to go?

    Are you OK with waiting for a table if the place is popular?

    Where are you coming from, so we don't recommend cuisines you can easily get at home? Boston?

    1. actually, rethought my suggestion. How about Freeman's on Rivington.

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      1. re: RebelWithaCause

        The women will drink beer and cocktails
        They won't leave Manhattan
        They will eat anything spicy or not as long as it's good .
        Budget is roughly 75 per person just for food.
        We are coming from Boston , so your powers of deduction are right on.

        1. re: RebelWithaCause

          Freeman's looks super interesting. Thanks ,got anything else?

          1. re: francod47

            Locanda Verde. Certainly has a good NYC vibe.

            1. re: francod47

              You should be warned that at least some people think that, as fun as Freeman's is -- and it really is, with great cocktails, too -- the food is actively bad. Not just mediocre. Bad.

          2. Had a decent very late dinner at Employees Only on a recent trip. Good food (albeit with a limited menu), much better than expected wine list, and a VERY eclectic crown. More a bar than a restaurant, it's loud as hell, but very interesting and eclectic music. There's that word eclectic, again!! No idea what its like earlier in the evening. But ended up having quite a good time.


            1. The Standard Grill could be a good choice for you, it's got a good vibe/scene but it does get loud at dinner. Last time I was there, I really enjoyed the duck meatballs with polenta.

              1. Try out SD26. Awesome chic vibe with authentic italian cuisine right across from Madison square park. Their uovo raviolo is divine. Lots of places nearby that are great for drinks before and after too if you want to make a night of 230 Fifth (rooftop bar) or Mihoko 21 franco japanese fusion place!