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Aug 7, 2012 12:52 PM

Dinner after drinks at Cure?

My wife and I will be in NO for a couple of nights midweek this month. I'd like to venture up to Cure for some cocktails. Is it doable via trolley car? Also, what restaurants around there would be good for a nice dinner? Would prefer to walk from Cure, once again, if possible.

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  1. Freret's about 9 blocks (less than a mile) from St. Charles. In the general vicinity....Gautreau's, Pascal's Manale, and Charlie's Steakhouse. Upperline is a block or so on the river side of St. Charles, with La Crepe Nanou a block over.

    1. Ancora, High Hat, Company Burger are all on Freret, but I don't think they'd be considered a "nice dinner." Gautreau's is probably the closest nice dinner, at about half a mile.

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        I would not walk from Freret to Gautreau’s at night. I think High Hat would be perfect for tourists looking for some New Orleans-standards. It’s a new restaurant, but kind of a throw back to the neighborhood joints of yesteryear.

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          Thanks for the tips. Yes, I wasn't sure what the 'hood was like, and yes it would be after dark. I'm not sure it is worth the trip to Cure, even though the drinks are something I'd like to check out.

          It seems a bit off the beaten path, which isn't entirely a bad thing, but we were looking for something a bit nicer for dinner. Of course, we may just hop in a cab from Cure to a white tablecloth restaurant closer to St. Charles.

          1. re: shanefink

            I agree about no walking...but a friend ate at Gautreau's last week and had a parmesan encrusted halibut that he said was great.

        2. A more convenient option would be Bellocq in the Hotel Modern on Lee Circle (on the St. Charles streetcar route). Run by the same folks as Cure. Some of the same bartenders as Cure, too. Excellent cocktails & cobblers. Many excellent restaurants near here.