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Aug 7, 2012 12:29 PM

Anyone for Settle ?

Evening all,

Staying at Austwick Hall near Settle shortly.

Apparently food there pretty good but wonder if is anywhere else - from decent pub for lunch and proper real ales to evening meal places - worth trying nearby rather than eating at hotel both nights ?

Pub wise The Lion at Settle has some decent feedback and room looks quite nice.

Traddock hotel gets decent write up in some places - any good ?

I always struggle in the Dales to find genuinely great value places so all help gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hey Yorkshire folks
    Are there no places you can recommend ??
    Come on, there must be somewhere !

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    1. re: willowan

      I'm not sure how close you'll be to Middleham, but quite awhile ago we had a very good dinner at The White Swan there. I can't guarantee what they're now up to, but maybe a seach will reveal the quality these days. It's a nice town, at any rate.. lots of jockeys on their horses in the mornings. :-)

      1. re: zuriga1

        quite a way way, it turns out, but thanks for the suggestion !
        anyone else out there ?
        are there no West Yorkshire hounds ??

        1. re: willowan

          Is the Bull at Broughton, nr Skipton any use? Or too much of a schlep?

          One of Nigel Haworth's pubs which, if it is as good as the three in Lancashire, then it will be pretty decent. If too far, may I suggest that you wend your way back to Merseyside via, say, the Clog & Billycock nr Blackburn.