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Aug 7, 2012 12:13 PM

Moo Milk Bar, Beaches, Toronto: Anyone been?

Noticed that the Moo Milk Bar opened recently in the Beaches. Just wondering if anyone has been in to check it out?

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  1. I haven't been but saw a post mentioning it opened on BlogTo.


    Says on BlogTo they specialize in cookies and flavoured milks.

    They have been posting pics up on their twitter:

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    1. re: ylsf

      Just the thought of flavoured milk makes me cringe but maybe the kiddies will love it.

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        1. I went in yesterday to see what it was all about. It was pretty sparce, with few options. I'm not a huge milk drinker, so my friend and I opted for a cookie each. They were suprisingly inexpensive ($2/each) and they were phenomenal! I got a chocolate chunk cookie which had both dark and milk chocolate chunks - it was great! If I lived in the Beaches I'd definitely head back sooner rather than later!

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          1. re: CheezeWiz

            Does anybody else think this is a blatant rip-off of momofuku milk bar?

            1. re: andyb99

              Yes, kinda went without saying it's so very blatant :)

              1. re: andyb99

                That's what I first thought it was, until I saw the web page...


                1. re: justxpete

                  I know nothing about momofuku milk bar, but blatant knock-off or not, this place makes really good cookies. And that's really what will sell, not the novelty flavoured milk, I bet.

                  I bought a half-dozen cookies to sample and they were all great. The standout was the brown sugar & toffee cookie: really buttery and caramelly -- like a butter tart in cookie form. They were out of squares when I was there. Will go back in hopes of trying a square or two next time.

                  1. re: AverageJo

                    Momofuku milk bar also serves cookies, pies, pork buns, etc. Gotta have something to wash down the milk.

                    1. re: AverageJo

                      I don't care either - I don't think they're the first "knock-off" in the city.

                      1. re: justxpete

                        I guess - I doubt Chang is thrilled - the difference seems to be five letters, and the menu is very similar. Last time I was at momofuku milk bar there were no porn buns, they were across the street at Ssam.

                            1. re: andyb99

                              I believe the stand alone milk bar location (across the street form Ssam bar) no longer (never did) serves pork buns (the original location at the back of Ssam bar did). However pork buns are available at Booker and Dax where the old location was at the back of Ssam bar... hope that makes sense.

                            2. re: justxpete

                              The sad part of people overlooking the knockoff is when Momofuku milk bar actually opens in Toronto the ignorance of toronto 'foodies' will think the original is the knockoff.

                              1. re: flying101

                                omg, whatever will we do then!?! Is there someone we can call to avoid this!?! how horrifying!!!

                                ps - I went yesterday. The cookies were great. Loved the chocolate chip. The chocolate milk was good, but nothing particularly special. I did not try the "milk of the week".


                                1. re: justxpete

                                  LOL, Pete. I guess if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Momofuku should feel pretty good about themselves.
                                  So I guess what people are saying is we should only have one burger place, one bar, one fried chicken place, one doing Q, one doing sushi, etc.

                                  I too was there yesterday. Mrs. Sippi and I thought it was great. We each had a milk, she had strawberry and it was quite good. I had the MOTW (Caramel) and it was okay. Wasn't caramelly enough for me.
                                  The cookies were upwards very good although none of them blew me away. Not exactly the style of cookie I like (puffier, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside) but still damn good cookie. We had one of each flavour offered and I skipped the oatmeal raisin which apparently was very good. I thought the choc. chip was the best followed by the brown sugar and toffee.
                                  What was stupid good was the ice cream sandwich. Store made vanilla bean ice cream stuffed between two chocolate chip cookies. It was amazing.

                                  Owners are really nice too.


                            3. re: AverageJo

                              I'm not one to complain about a good cookie arriving in Toronto, knock-off or no - and I figure no one has a monopoly on serving milk. But the "Bottom of the bowl" flavour is pretty ballsy. The most flagrant rip-off ever of Momofuku's Cereal Milk! (Which converted me forever; I used to always leave the milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl until i had a cereal milk milkshake...I know). Owner also talks about the "cowgirl" cookie on BlogTO - she just throws in a bit of everything, whatever's around. That sounds rather a lot like Momofuku's compost cookies. Rip 'em off, by all means, but do ya have to be that blatant about it?!

                              1. re: punchythecat

                                I agree the cereal milk is a little too similar for my taste. Guess we'll have to see if they come out with a corn cookie, too...

                        1. re: ylsf

                          I loved their banana milk. I thought it would taste artificial but it was really good! Must try the others!

                          1. re: callitasicit

                            Make sure you try an ice cream sandwich as well.