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Aug 7, 2012 11:38 AM

big birthday, big night

Hi all - I suspect this will unleash opinions, which is what I am after! I hit a big birthday this fall and my s.o. and I will celebrate as we usually do, with a very nice meal. But the landmark suggests something a bit more extravagant than usual. So what are your votes? We live in Cambridge and are happy to go to Boston, Brookline, Newton, etc. but not into the further 'burbs.

He has put No 9 Park, L'Espalier and Menton on the list...


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  1. If you want great wine, I recommend Troquet. Otherwise, i could add Rialto, Craigie, Uni Bar. For something further down scale, Toro and Coppa.

    1. No 9 park and L'Espalier are both great (and I haven't tried Menton to weigh in). If you want a true special occasion restaurant, I would go for L'Espalier - their service is second to none and they have a wonderful wine selection and great cheese options in addition to fantastic main courses. I LOVE the duck entree at No 9 Park and they also have excellent cocktails, but I think overall I like L'Espalier slightly more. Caveat - I was at L'Espalier within the past couple of months and have not been to No 9 Park for a couple of years.

      1. i suggest pulling up the menus at menton and l'espalier, deuxave and craigie- and see what wows you. btw, Happy Big Bday in advance!

        1. I always feel like Salts deserves a little more love for these types of events.

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            me too - love it - but was thinking about someplace new

          2. A bit more casual, but with fabulous food, is Oleana.