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Aug 7, 2012 11:32 AM

Shave Ice in Houston Heights

Texas Blizzard Shave Ice is a new food truck in the Houston Heights area. They make Hawaiin style shave ice and are mainly known for their natural syrups with real fruit with some crazy combos like watermelon + basil/mint or Mango Puree with Chili powder thats out of this world.

Both the owners are U of H alums so come show your cougar love to them and let others know.

They are at 1411 Studewood, 77008 (next to the small Fiesta)

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  1. I realize it's not "shave ice," but just wanted to say that we bought an old-fashioned snow cone machine from Sam's this summer. Really really livened up our backyard get-togethers. Big fun, and you can use it for all sorts of refreshing treats, including "adult beverages"!

    Here's a photo of one from Amazon.

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      That looks so cute!!! Lol I would buy it just for the cuteness. =)

      Do they give cups and syrups and all with it? Or do you have to buy seperate.

      1. re: geekstah

        You get a starter set of cups and syrup. But there are lots of places to buy syrup, and my daughter has been making it out of Kool-Aid. And she makes several non-alcoholic syrups for the kiddos, and then some with booze for the grownups to pour over. We always have a bottle of Nellie & Joe's Key Lime Juice in the fridge (for making key lime pies) so that's what we add when the syrup is too sweet.

        They've got a big swimming pool in the back yard, and three children, and they're pretty social, so they entertain a lot. It's absolutely amazing how much fun that Sno-Cone machine adds. It's like it just screams "Partay!" when we roll it out.

        And there's no need to make any other sort of dessert when entertaining guests for barbecues and stuff, so it turns out that it's also practical and cost-effective.

        The one on Amazon retails for $175 (I think it said), but we got ours at Sam's for about $140.